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4 Retirement Options to Go Over With Aging Family

As family members age, it’s important that you discuss important parts of their lives with them so that you know what their wishes are. One crucial element you must discuss is where your aging family members will live as they get older. Given the importance of keeping elderly relatives safe, it’s a good idea to lay-out all the options so that a choice can be made that suits everyone’s needs. In the interest of simplifying this process, here are four retirement options to go over with aging family members.


One of the simplest options is to allow your family members to age-in-place. If your relatives are of sound mind and body, then this makes a great option because it provides the most independence. In cases where your family members have mental or physical health issues, though, this option won’t work because it puts them at risk of injuring themselves or others.

In-Home Nursing

If your loved one wants to stay at home but still needs some help around the house, then in-home nursing can provide a great alternative to basic aging-in-place. While there will still be times when your family member is alone at home, they will receive regular check-ins from a skilled nurse who can help them with their food, medication, and any other needs they may have. This type of care is perfect for those loved ones who are still of sound mind but suffer from physical ailments that make it difficult to perform basic tasks.

Assisted Living

If your family members are unable to take care of themselves, then assisted living is the most viable option. Providing various levels of care, assisted living facilities ensure the safety of your aging family members and allow them to build friendships with people in the same life stage. Plus, these facilities provide excellent dining options to ensure your loved one is receiving the proper levels of nutrition.

Move In With Relatives

To ensure your loved one receives care from people they recognize, it may make sense to have your loved one move in with you or another family member. This is especially practical if you have a larger home that is fairly easy to navigate. Though the initial change could be difficult for your family member, it will be great for them to daily be around people who love them. Just be sure you and your family can commit long-term before pursuing this option.

In some cases, families choose the next step for aging loved ones without truly considering what the loved ones want and need. Instead, they just choose the option that is the most convenient. Be sure, though, that your aging loved ones have a say in their future care so that they can feel in control of their lives. Otherwise, you could leave them with bitterness that can be difficult to overcome.

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