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4 Safety Tips You’ve Probably Not Thought About When Taking Your Kids on a Road Trip

Seeing a historic site or landmark on television or online may fill you with awe and wonder. However, that is nothing compared to being able to see those sites in person. If you are planning on taking your kids on a road trip in the near future, what should you prepare for to keep them safe on the journey?

Keep Them Properly Restrained

It is important that your children are properly restrained at all times while in a vehicle. If your child weighs less than 50 pounds, it may be a good idea to use a booster seat that is specifically designed for children their age. The use of proper restraints may reduce the odds of neck, shoulder or back pain while on the road.

Keep an Eye on Large Trucks

If you plan on using major roads or highways during your trip, you will likely encounter large trucks. Make sure that you stay in their line of sight at all times. This is especially true if you try to change lanes when passing them. Keeping an appropriate following distance may come in handy if a big rig needs to stop or slow down suddenly as it may give you more time to respond appropriately.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

At some point during your trip, you may need to stop for gas or to have lunch. This may require you to let your kids out of the car to stretch their legs or to accompany you into the restaurant. If they need to go to the bathroom or otherwise be out of your sight for any reason, give them a cellphone or some other way to contact you in an emergency.

Have Plenty of Fluids Available

It can be easy for a child to get thirsty or otherwise become dehydrated during a trip. Having water, milk or juice available can both help a child remain hydrated and remain quiet in the car. Having fluids available is especially important if you are traveling in hot weather and don’t have any air conditioning in your vehicle.

Traveling with your children can be a great way to make memories and provide them with an education that they can’t receive in the classroom. As a parent, you will also be tasked with keeping them safe while they enjoy everything that the country has to offer. Providing them with cell phones, staying clear of large trucks and keeping them hydrated are all small things that can help to accomplish that goal.

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