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4 Signs You’re Ready for a New Air Conditioning System

Air conditioners can be pretty costly and complex, and that is what pushes most people to procrastinate when it comes to repairing and replacement. If an AC unit is faulty in any way, procrastination can only make the problems worse and call for an expensive repair. If things get too out of hand, you may need to get a completely new unit. Here are a few signs that will tell when you need a new unit:

You Hear Strange Noises

Most air conditioners begin to make strange noises when they start to break down. While noises are common, it doesn’t always mean that the unit is breaking down. It may be a sign of a faulty part or a hiccup in the system. Once the noise becomes loud and chronic, you may want to consider replacing the unit altogether instead of getting a repair.

The Unit Isn’t Cooling Your Home

What’s the point of having an air conditioner if it isn’t doing its job? Broken air conditioners often have trouble cooling the home and keeping the temperatures set. Older air conditioners are the same way, and they often require more maintenance. Air conditioning repair might fix the issue, but if the unit is old, you may want to replace it so you won’t have to keep investing in repetitive repairs.

The Unit Is Leaking Water

Water leakage is one of the most common signs that your unit needs to be replaced. If your air conditioner is leaking water, this can lead to more issues down the line if it isn’t taken care of right away. Depending on where the water leaks and how much it leaks, it can lead to water damage in the home and cause mold growth in the areas where water is leaking. At that point, contact a professional to get it replaced.

You Smell Strange Odors

This can be a result of leakage from the unit. If the water leakage gets out of hand, it can cause mold and mildew growth in that area. If your unit starts to get covered in either one of those things, it should be removed from the home so it doesn’t cause a safety issue in the environment. Both mold and mildew have serious effects on human health.

All four of these signs point to the need for an immediate replacement of your air conditioner. Be sure to contact a professional for advice and guidance rather than taking the DIY approach. This ensures that the issue is being solved in the safest and most professional way possible.

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