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4 Sneaky Ways Burglars Can Enter Your Home

Burglars know all of the tricks when it comes to getting into your home undetected. Some points of entry of more obvious than others. Your home may be vulnerable to a break-in from a source that you’ve never considered before. Here are some of the more sneaky ways that a burglar could enter your home.

Unsecured Doors and Windows

An unlocked door or window provides an easy way for someone to enter your house. You may have only considered locking those ground floor doors and windows. A large majority of people never stop to consider the second floor of their home. A ladder can easily be used to get someone onto your roof and into your home undetected. Your neighbors may not even give it a second thought if a work style truck or van pulls up to your house.

Pet Doors Are Tempting Targets

Your pet door is another way for someone to access your home. They can do this one of two ways with relative ease. A larger pet door can allow someone to crawl through it. Another method for a burglar is that they can reach up or use a tool to unlock your door through the pet door opening. They can now get into your home without having to really break into it.

Private Backyards Provide a Refuge

Having a private backyard may be a signal to a potential burglar that they can take all the time that they need to find a way into your home. Look into chain link fencing options from a company like F & W Fence Company, Inc. You will still be able to keep your yard secure. This may provide a deterrent for someone trying to enter your home undetected.

Standard Garage Door Codes

Most people don’t reset the code on their garage door opener when they purchase it. This could allow a burglar to open up your garage door by purchasing another opener and attempting the default codes. You can mitigate this risk by reprogramming your garage door opener or investing in a more security conscious version of one.

You have to stay up with the latest trends in technology in order to protect your home to the best of your abilities. Even with all of the gadgets available, the best solution is to lock your doors and windows. Walk around the outside of your home so that you can identify any weak spots that exist in your home.

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