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4 Spring Repairs to Make to Your Home This Year

Spring is a time of renewal, and that includes your home. In addition to spring cleaning, your home may need a few repairs come this spring.

Roof Repairs

Heavy snow over the winter means you’ll need to inspect your roof. The weight can stress your roof, and ice dams can damage your roof around the edges. Discovering roof damage in the spring is common. Look for missing or damaged shingles, damaged pipes or anything that doesn’t look right.

Making a minor roof repair as soon as damage is discovered will save you money in the long run; waiting until your roof is leaking is a big mistake.

Also, be sure to clear out your roof gutters and downspouts. If these are clogged with debris, they won’t work as they should. Downspouts should direct the water away from the foundation of your house. Clogged gutters can cause the eaves and wood trim of your home to rot; rotting wood is very inviting to termites.

Check for Signs of Termites

Beginning in the spring through early summer, these winged insects will swarm. If you see a bunch of insects that look like flying ants coming out of a hole in your woodwork, those could be termites. You may not see them swarming directly out of the wood, but anywhere inside or outside your home.

Contact a professional pest control company right away if you suspect your home has termites. Termites can do a lot of damage, and you need to address the problem immediately.

Reseal Exterior Wood

Wood fences, decks, railings, pergolas, trellises, and other outdoor wood structures need to be repainted or resealed in the spring. They will last longer and look better if they’re painted, stained or resealed yearly. You’ll also want to take the opportunity to repair any broken woodwork as well. Exterior wood needs to be waterproofed, especially if you live in a wet climate.

Inspect Your Driveway and Pathways

Freezing, thawing, slush, and ice are hard on concrete, asphalt and other paving. Walk around your property and look for any signs of damage to your driveway and walkways. You may be able to patch asphalt and concrete yourself, but heavily damaged asphalt or concrete may need to be replaced.

These are just four suggestions for common springtime home repairs. Consider your home and environment, and make a list of any specific things that may need to be repaired come spring.

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