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4 Steps Struggling Families Can Take to Keep Their Neighborhoods Safe

Everyone wants their home to be a safe oasis in the world, but sometimes that can be a challenge. You might think that the only way to protect yourself is with an expensive security system that’s out of your reach. However, attention and foresight are just as effective in making sure that your home, your family and your community remain as safe from crime as possible. Here are four steps you can take right now to keep your neighborhood safe.

If You See Something, Say Something

Reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement is the best step you can take to deter crime in your neighborhood. Wells Branch Neighborhood Association (WBNA) encourages that even if you’re not sure that what you saw constitutes a crime, there’s no harm in reporting it. If you have concerns that you could face retaliation from wrongdoers if you call the police, make sure to say so at the time you make a report. Steps can be taken to ensure that your anonymity is protected.

Join or Form a Neighborhood Watch

If a neighborhood watch already exists in your community, join in their efforts. If there isn’t one where you live, you can start your own. AMP Smart suggests that you should coordinate your efforts with law enforcement before you do anything, but once you’ve gathered together a like-minded group of your neighbors, set up a meeting time to discuss community matters and form plans of action and communication. Holding fun events is an excellent way to get people familiar with the watch and hopefully want to join.

Know Your Neighbors

A common complaint made by homeowners is that they don’t know any of their neighbors. Trying to be neighborly will go a long way toward making your community safer. Just knowing that your across-the-street neighbor works at night or that the family on the corner has teenagers can be enough for you to decide if activity around their homes could be considered suspicious.

Lock It Up

United Locksmith recommends that a solid set of deadbolts is very effective against break-ins and costs a fraction of the price of an electronic security system. Once it’s installed, get in the habit of always locking your house behind you, even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes.

Everyone wants to make their neighborhood a better place to live in. By taking a few steps and working together with your neighbors, you can help to make your piece of the world a safer place.

If you and your family are struggling and need additional help, please reach out to programs like Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS). We want to help!

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