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4 Steps to Take in Order to Bail a Loved One out of Jail

Whether you have a family member who is in jail because of drugs or committing another type of crime, there is often the possibility to find a bondsman who can assist in getting your loved one out of jail. There will be money that you have to pay, and your loved one will have to show up for court or risk getting arrested for failure to appear. If you follow a few simple steps, then you can have your loved one back home in a short time from jail.

Booking Information

When your loved one is taken to jail, you can find out the booking information by contacting the courthouse. This information includes the nature of the crime as well as the bail amount. This is important because you will need to give a bondsman the bail amount so that the agent can determine how much you will have to pay in order for the person to be released.

Find an Agent

There are usually several bail bondsmen located near courthouses and jails. Talk to a few different people to find the one who has the best rates and who will offer the support that your loved one will need in getting out of jail. Find out the percentage you will need to pay and what can be used as collateral. A drug offense attorney from a company like The Mitchell Law Firm or one who specializes in other areas of criminal activity can also help in getting your loved one out of jail by approaching the judge to ask for a release.

Pay the Bail

If the bail is set at a low amount, you can sometimes make the payment yourself for your loved one. Most court systems only accept cash, but you can call ahead because there are some that will accept a credit or debit card. You can also find out if your loved one has the option to sign a document promising to appear in court instead of paying money to get out of jail.

Go to Court

Make sure your loved one goes to court after getting out of jail. This is an important step in the bail process. If your loved one fails to go to court, then a warrant can be issued for the person’s arrest. You could also be responsible for the entire bail amount or lose any kind of collateral that you used for the bond.

When your loved one is arrested and taken to jail, it might seem like there isn’t a chance of getting out until going to court. There are a few options that you have. One is to pay cash for the bail amount. Another is to find a bondsman. Take the process step by step to ensure that everything is done legally and to ensure that your loved one understands any potential consequences.

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