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4 Stimulating Hobbies You Should Be Teaching Your Youngsters

While many kids might be content to simply play video games with their free time, developing a productive hobby to spend some of their time on can teach important life skills. Consider teaching one of these hobbies to your growing child and enjoying the quality time together.


Being able to use a sewing machine gives your child the freedom to create. Kids can learn how to thread the machine and make basic items such as a pillowcase or a tote bag. Your child can learn about types of fabrics, measuring, creating angles, folding and the importance of matching the type of thread to the type of fabric. Eventually, kids could make their own dress-up costumes, doll clothes and other accessories.


Knitting was on its way to becoming a lost art, but it has once again become trendy. Children could begin with a French knitter or a loom or just start out with a pair of bamboo needles and a colorful skein of worsted yarn. A first good project is a scarf done in garter stitch. Once children have mastered the knit stitch, they can learn purl stitches, increases, and decreases. Kids can create their own stuffed animals, hats, and blankets.

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting teaches kids skills such as recognizing different types and denominations of coins. If the coins are in a foreign currency, they give kids the opportunity to learn some history and geography. Some companies, like Rocky Mountain Coin, know that maintaining a coin collection could also help your child to develop organizational skills. You could start your child off with a collection of the 50 states quarters and go from there.


Growing a small garden allows kids to get their hands dirty, dig in the soil, plant seeds, nurture them and watch them grow into strong plants. Kids could discover a passion for living things and seeing different interactions, such as the bees and butterflies that come by to pollinate the plants. A container garden is a good option if you don’t have a backyard. Try easy-to-grow plants such as mint, tomatoes or carrots.

Discovering a new hobby can be a source of joy for your child. Allow your child some independence, such as choosing the color of material. Don’t be afraid to let your child make a few mistakes. Each hobby is a learning process, and your child will get better with practice. It is also okay to allow your child move on and try a new hobby after some time.

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