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4 Things to Have Your Plumber Check Next Time They Come to Your Home

Plumbing can snake through and under a home. The plumbing may be diverted into a citywide sewage system, or a home might have a private septic system. It is generally a good idea to have a plumber make certain the plumbing in your home is working as it should to prevent major plumbing problems. The following are four issues to have a plumber look into the next time they come out to your home.

A Running Toilet

A running toilet can be a major expense. This is why it is a good idea to have a plumber check it out and identify where the problem resides. Sometimes this will require changing or repairing the hardware in the tank of the toilet to prevent unnecessary and constant running from driving up a home-owner’s water bill. No matter what the cause, you’ll want it looked at sooner rather than later, so if you’re having a plumber come to your home then that should be top on the inspection list.

Septic Problems

If a homeowner has a house with a septic system, this can be the cause of many plumbing issues. Generally, a plumber will need to look to see if waste needs to be removed from the septic tank to prevent clogs and backflow problems. They may also need to look to see if there are any structural problems with the septic system causing plumbing issues too.

Old Iron Pipes

Sometimes people buy a home with very old iron pipes. This can often turn into an expensive nightmare if the iron has started to degrade or is cracked under the house. A plumber can help to determine the condition of the pipes. If they are in bad repair, they can recommend options for fixing or replacing the old, deteriorating iron pipes.

Standing or Slow Draining Basement Water

There are a lot of reasons why a basement will slowly drain or retain standing water. This is a common occurrence after a heavy rain. Sometimes this is an issue with how the basement drains water—especially if the drain is clogged or there is no drain. A plumber may look the situation over and even recommend a sump pump for more rapid removal of water if the basement drain is functioning correctly.

The simple fact is that no homeowner enjoys plumbing problems. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have a plumber do a routine check on the plumbing of a home to determine if any problems exist that need immediate attention. This is definitely the case when purchasing a used home, because there can be any number of hidden plumbing issues that the former homeowner was not even aware was going on with the house.

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