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4 Tips for Making Your Home More Family Friendly

4-tips-for-making-your-home-more-family-friendlyHome and family go together like campfires and s’mores. You want your home to feel warm and inviting with feelings of comfort, love and joy abounding. Ultimately these feelings come from within when we are joined with our loved ones in a pleasant environment, but there are ways to boost the positive energy and add to your family’s experiences in your home.


We all know safety first, especially when children are around. Electrical plugs are guarded, cabinets locked and sharp corners avoided. But many common dangers get overlooked. Adults and kids alike should not only feel safe, but be safe. The National Safety Council website – – has many useful tips concerning home safety, including how to avoid falls and poisonings. When the proper precautions are in place your family will feel secure and you will have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy each other’s company without injury.


Adequate lighting makes a huge difference in our immediate feelings. Too dark may provoke sleepiness and harsh lighting can be optically offensive, even causing headaches. Natural sunlight, given the right time of day, is best for everyone. It provides a light your eyes are built to adjust to and provides health benefits such as an increase in vitamin D, crucial for bone health. Sunlight is both warm and inviting, exactly what we want to create in our home atmosphere.


Speaking of warm, temperature is another outside force that affects us directly. Being physically too cold or too hot isn’t pleasant. It makes everyday activities hard to enjoy. Heating and cooling systems should be checked and maintained regularly to keep comfortable room temperatures. Professionals such as those at Seliga Heating and Cooling, are great for upkeep on your home’s temperature systems.

A Space For Everyone

No one knows your family like you do. You know what they prefer to eat, do, watch and play. Try keeping a little space for everyone. Maybe a special seat near a window for an avid reader or fun little nook for the indoor tent maker. When everyone feels a connection to a space in your home, everyone feels happier.

Family is precious. Enjoy every day and every moment, the good and the not-so-fun. Make your home as comfortable and inviting as possible. While it’s people that make the best memories for us, the surroundings certainly play an undeniable role as well.

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