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4 Types of Equipment in Your Home You Might Have Forgotten to Service

Many homeowners don’t realize the number of working parts that comprise their home. They are disconnected from how items operate and function. For example, many homeowners don’t realize what heats their water for warm showers or washing dishes. There are also many people that don’t understand the purpose of a water softener. While homeowners don’t need to know all of the specifics surrounding the operation of their home, it is important that they know when items need professional attention. Here are four types of equipment in your home that you may have forgotten to service.


Although refrigerators are used on a daily basis, many homeowners don’t think to service them on a regular basis. As the machine responsible for keeping perishable food fresh, it is important to keep refrigerators running smoothly. Because of their consistent use, these pieces of equipment need to be serviced more regularly than other items. Homeowners should have a professional check their refrigerator for problems every three months.

Septic System

Septic systems are perhaps the most important pieces of equipment in a home. This series of machines work to keep sewage a safe distance from living spaces. A majority of homes have a mainline of piping that leads to a septic tank. Any drains that are below this tank will require a septic pump to bring the sewage up to the same level. Any malfunction in this system can leave a home smelling atrocious. There are significant health risks involved as well. It is important to service this system before anything negative happens.

Water Heater

Water heaters are responsible for increasing the water temperature in a home. Without these pieces of equipment, people could not use water comfortably. In order to keep this item running properly, professionals recommend that a water heater is serviced at least once per year. This routine maintenance can help ensure that your water heater doesn’t develop any problems. Professional maintenance companies, such as Jim Dhamer Plumbing, can be contacted for more details.

Water Softener

Despite being one of the most important items of equipment in a home, it is surprising how many people don’t understand the function of a water softener. This piece of equipment is designed to ‘soften’ water before it enters a home via the piping system. Without a water softener, all of the water used in a home would be high in dissolved minerals. Although this poses no health risk, the mineral build-up can damage piping and can render detergents useless. Water softeners should be serviced at least twice per year.

Homes are full of important pieces of equipment that make our lives more comfortable. Homeowners shouldn’t’ wait until these items are broken to call for professional help. These pieces of equipment need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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