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4 Unique Careers to Talk about with Your High School-Aged Teen

High school is an intense time for many teenagers, with their social lives, classes, and getting into college all at the top of their minds. But with making a decision about college comes making a decision about a career, and as a parent you have a responsibility to help guide your child to the career of his or her dreams. Consider talking with your teen about any of these four unique careers they may wish to pursue.


There are many different types of engineering, so your teen can find a specialty that suits his or her interests. For example, if your teenager has always enjoyed building things, she might make a good architectural engineer. If your son loves building computers, he might have a future in electrical or computer engineering. It’s hard to go wrong with an engineering degree, as the engineering fields are largely expected to see growth and demand in the coming years.

Public Administrator

Public administration careers are not often considered by high schoolers but many actually might be well-suited for it. Public administrators oversee the operations and planning of a municipality, its services and its finances. They can be anything from the mayor to the head of public works. Individuals with a master of public administration are often preferred, so be sure your teen understands they will likely need additional education after obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

Nurse Practitioner

Healthcare careers are both in demand and on the rise, making them a very solid career choice for your teen. Nurse practitioners in particular are in demand, with the BLS predicting a 31% growth rate through 2024, which is characterized as much faster than average. If your teen genuinely enjoys helping people, has a knack for science, and enjoys interacting with others, this might be a very good career for him.

Real Estate Agent

The great thing about pursuing a career as a real estate agent is that it only requires a high school diploma. So this is a good career if your teen is not college-bound. It can also be a very high-paying career as well, because of the commissions real estate agents get from property sales. So if your teen is a good salesperson, he or she stands to see a lot of career success as a real estate agent.

High school is a time when discussion with your teenager about careers should begin taking place. Your teen will likely be unsure and have plenty of questions for you, and that’s okay. Do your best to answer them. You can also enlist the help of the high school’s guidance counselor to help your teen identify what they are looking for both in college and in a career. Online quizzes can also help your teen decide what career might be his or her calling. But talk it out – sometimes that is all your teen needs.

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