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4 Ways Families Can Save Serious Cash on Car Repairs

Car repairs could quickly eat up your family’s budget. Some repairs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on what is wrong and what type of car you have. Use these four strategies to save serious cash on your car repairs.

Look into Manufacturer Recalls

Look into whether the problem with your car has been identified by the manufacturer as a known defect. A vehicle that is under a manufacturer’s recall might be eligible for free repairs at the dealership. Only the recalled items will be fixed at no cost, but this could save you a considerable amount of money on both parts and labor.

Find an Affordable Mechanic for Auto Body Repair

If you do not already have a mechanic who cares for your car, ask around and find out which one is the most trustworthy and affordable. A good mechanic might charge more per hour, but you will not have to have the same auto body repair made twice to get the work done the right way. Some companies, such as Chehalis Collision Center, know that you should ask for recommendations from coworkers, friends, or family who have needed the same type of auto body repairs performed. Consider the advantages of using after-market parts versus OEM replacement parts.

Make Required Repairs before Aesthetic Fixes

When you have a limited budget for car repairs, make the essential or required repairs first. Fixes to the brakes, alternator, drive train, transmission, and fuel pump are more important than a repair to the upholstery or radio. Make repairs related to safety and road worthiness before doing any aesthetic fixes such as dents and paint jobs.

Consider Fixing Minor Problems Yourself

People who are handy and have some basic tools might be able to make some car repairs themselves. For example, if a tail light has gone out, you might be able to replace the bulb without taking it into the repair shop. Many auto body supply stores will install a new battery at no additional charge. Consider learning how to do your own oil changes and tire rotations to reduce maintenance costs and stretch your repair budget.

As soon as you notice a problem with your car, have it repaired by a trustworthy and affordable mechanic who excels in auto body repair. What starts out as a small problem could quickly lead to a much more catastrophic situation if it is left unfixed. Try to maintain a dedicated account or envelope of money that is only for making repairs to your car.

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