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4 Ways Phlebotomists Make a Difference for Science and Medicine

Phlebotomists are lesser-known healthcare professionals, but they are vital to your medical care and treatment. If you’ve ever had your blood drawn for a medical test, you’ve met a phlebotomist. They’re the medical professional who drew your blood. Understanding why phlebotomists are important in the overall medical spectrum can help you to better appreciate their expertise in the future.

Assist with Successful Diagnosis

If you’re required to get your blood drawn, a phlebotomist will be the one to do the draw. These medical professionals are specifically trained in effectively drawing a patient’s blood. Without their expertise, it would be difficult for your blood to be analyzed correctly by a lab. Thanks to the experience of a phlebotomist, your blood can be drawn correctly and analyzed for many different conditions.

Patient Care

Phlebotomists’ jobs involve more than just drawing blood. They also handle and calm the patients who they’re drawing blood from. Many patients are very uneasy about having their blood drawn. From passing out at the sight of blood to panicking when they see a needle, patients can have all sorts of uneasiness about the blood drawing process. This is all normal, and can make your visit to the doctor’s office or hospital a nightmare. However, a trained phlebotomist is also educated on proper patient care. Part of their job is to help their patient through the process of getting their blood drawn with ease.

Collect Various Bodily Fluids

While phlebotomists regularly draw blood, they are also experienced in extracting other bodily fluids. Some popular donation fluids are plasma and leukopaks. A phlebotomist is specially trained to operate the various types of machinery that draw these fluids out of the body. Many of these fluids are utilized in emerging medical procedures and may contribute to medications or research for future medication and treatments.

Safety Monitoring

Phlebotomists pay attention to many details during the process of having your blood drawn to keep you safe. They ensure the sterilization of all the tools used to extract your blood and minimize the possibility of infection at the site of the needle puncture wound. Because having an open wound or puncture can be so risky to your health, phlebotomists take special care to keep all contaminants away from you. It’s standard medical practice for phlebotomists to be looking out for your safety throughout the entire blood drawing process.

Phlebotomists are heavily relied on in the medical world to ensure the safe draw of a patient’s blood. They make a significant impact in the medical and science fields. Next time you have your blood drawn, be sure to thank the phlebotomist for their contribution to keeping you healthy.

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