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4 Ways Private School Can Prepare Your Better for College Than Public Schools

The debate surrounding whether or not a private school is better than public schools for college aspirations has been raging for decades. Parents continue to wonder if there is any upside to the hefty price tag of private schools — some private schools can cost up to $32,000 a year in tuition alone — and if the price is worth the cost of admission into an Ivy League school.

Private schools do seem to offer benefits to students, including the four listed below. However, it is important to note that while private schools do offer benefits, the selection process for college is more rigorous than it has ever been. In fact, Harvard is reporting that over 65 percent of its students come from public high schools, ensuring that both private and public schools must adhere to stricter standards when it comes to college application process.

For now, however, it seems as though private schools do have benefits. Below are four ways that private school can prepare you for college better than a public school. Keep in mind that these are not the only four ways, but these are the four most important, so continue reading to learn more.

1. Dedicated College Counselors

Private schools can cost up to $30,000 a year in tuition; public schools are free. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s actually a benefit: private schools have more money to spend on important programs and better teachers, as well as dedicated college counselors.

Having a dedicated college counselor on staff at a private school is a privilege most public schools cannot afford. By having one counselor dedicated to college admissions, that counselor can foster relationships with admissions counselors from top schools, offer students individualized coaching on how to prepare their applications, and even referrals to great tutoring programs in the case a student needs it.

2. A Stronger Curriculum

Another advantage private schools have over public schools is a strong curriculum. Students at private schools generally have rigorous academic requirements, including extracurricular academic options, AP courses, dual-credit classes, world languages, and more.

One of the best examples of this includes the International School of MN. This private school requires their students to sit for regular assessments, take part in practice ACT and SAT tests. This, in turn, prepares students for college, where collaborative learning is par for the course.

3. Options for Rounding Out College Applications

Private schools have more money than public schools, meaning that they can offer students better programs with more qualified teachers as well as college counseling. Private schools can also offer something intriguing: a list of optional extracurricular activities that will round out a student’s college application.

From community service and Model UN to sports teams and drama clubs, private schools have the time and money to put into providing students with programs that will make them stand out during the college application process. Extracurricular activities are necessary for a well-rounded application, and by choosing a private school with the activities a student is interested in, the college application process will become infinitely easier.

4. Personalized Attention

Perhaps the most important way a private school can benefit a student in the college application process is through personalized attention: these schools have smaller class sizes, more interaction between student and teacher, a variety of electives tailored to specific interests, and more time with college counselors. Personalized attention also allows students the chance to focus on what’s important to their college application needs so they’re not struggling to figure it out their senior year.

Private school is a worthwhile investment, and it becomes increasingly clear that the advantages it gives to students can rarely be outmatched by public schools. Students already in private school can take these benefits and use them to their advantage, ensuring that they get into the college of their choice. And because college is the gateway to making dreams come true, any student that can get into private school will be better off for it, so choose schools wisely.

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