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4 Ways to Carry out Your Own Home Safety Inspection

A home’s safety inspection is part of the regular maintenance services that ensure your home is secure for occupancy. These regular inspection services can get expensive while some can easily be handled through DIY methods. We will guide you on how to inspect the safety of your home like a professional inspector. Read on.


Typically, this investigation practice ensures the general frame of the house is in excellent condition. Check out for cracks on the wall, floor and door frames as it could be a warning sign that the house is falling apart. Although it would take some experience to determine if the house is leaning or sagging, it is essential to check that out. Ensure that there are no popping nails that could injure inhabitants. The general structure of the house should be in a condition fit enough not to put the integrity of the home in question.

Electrical System

Faulty electrical systems can cause hazards such as fires. Electrical system inspections are an integral part of the entire safety standards procedure in the house. You will examine the condition of the electrical system keeping an eye particularly for exposed wires and splices and loose plugs and switches. You might want to use a receptacle tester to ensure that everything was wired correctly. Contact hermetic cable seal suppliers to order for replacements of the damaged parts of the electrical system.


The plumbing system in the house has to operate properly for you and your family to enjoy constant water flow. You will check for water leaks by first recording an initial reading on the water meter after closing all water outlets for about two hours. If the second reading doesn’t match the initial reading, water leaks are evident in your home. With water leaks, you cannot rule out probable mold growth which if left untreated will cause health hazards and aesthetic damages.


Cracked and broken roofing systems are notorious for causing water damage and leaks inside the house. Your inspection should never rule out on examining cracks and rust on flashing, warping ceilings, presence of moisture in the attic and loose or missing shingles. Also, be sure to check if the gutters are unclogged and tightly fixed to eliminate the probability of water damage and mold growth.

As you carry out this home safety inspection, it not only ensures that your family is safe, but your structure is also in proper condition, giving it a long life span.

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