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4 Ways to Help Your Family Member Overcome an Addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can turn a perfectly sane family member into a person who exhibits some seemingly bizarre behavioral patterns. When the drugs are talking through a family member, this can be difficult to watch and even confront. But, when a family member’s better judgment is impaired by an addictive substance, they will not often have their own best interests in mind.

Worse, they may not have other people’s best interests in mind either. This is why you must become the voice of reason to encourage them to acknowledge and get help for their addiction. The following are four ways you can help a family member work towards addiction recovery.

Avoid Denial

According to, it is as important for you to not deny that your family member has a substance abuse problem as it is for that family member to not deny it. If either you or they remain in denial over the fact that they have a substance abuse problem, this denial becomes an enabling factor. It is best to address the problem and get your loved one to admit they have a problem. Usually, admitting there is a problem is the first step towards getting help.

Help Them See the Damage

A lot of addicts get so involved in their drug or substance of choice that they fail to recognize all the damage their addiction is causing. Once they have admitted to having a problem, it is important to help them recognize just how much their addiction is doing damage to their health, their life and others around them. If they have kids, you need to ask them how they are going to take care of their kids while their addiction is ruling their life? Sometimes an addict needs you to use the leverage that can help them realize that they are not the only person they are harming with their addiction.

Help Them Disconnect from the Bad Element

All addicts get their substance of choice to abuse from some source. It could be that your family member has a supplier they hit up when the urge strikes. Alternatively, your loved one may have friends who act as enablers. If you can identify these sources, you can help your loved one to begin the process of disconnecting from these sources.

Visit a Treatment Center

An important aspect of overcoming an addiction for a family member will often require the help of a quality treatment center like The Lakes Treatment Center. This treatment center should be situated in such a way that it can separate your family member from the pressures of the outside world. A treatment center that uses holistic methods like meditation can help to reduce anxieties while undergoing treatment and making it through withdrawal symptoms more smoothly.


Substance abuse is never pretty. This is especially true when the one abusing a substance is a close family member. However, with a little preparation and tough love, your family member should come to respect the fact that you only want to see them get the treatment they need by choosing life again.

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