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4 Ways to Introduce Your Children to Alternative Lifestyles and Belief Systems

It is important that your children are exposed to as many different cultures and belief systems as possible while growing up. While they don’t have to like everything about a given culture or agree with every belief that they learn about, it is important for kids to learn about them. What are some ways to introduce children to a variety of views about life?

Read Books or Watch Shows About These Subjects

The best way to introduce an alternative lifestyle or belief system is through books or movies that are appropriate for your child’s maturity level. You can read those books or watch those videos together and have a discussion throughout. This will allow your child to ask questions or express any concerns that they may have.

Talk to People Who Live Alternative Lifestyles

You may want to accompany your child to talk with people who are in a same-sex relationship or someone who decided not to get married. It may be a good idea to talk to spiritual leaders from religions or sects that may not be in the mainstream. This enables your child to get experience being around those types of people and may make them less afraid.

Pretend That You Have an Alternative Belief System

One of the best parts about being a child is having the ability to pretend that you are someone else. Some companies, like Top 10 Jungle, know that parents can buy replica magic wands and cauldrons that Wiccans use in their ceremonies. While you may want to keep the game appropriate for that child’s age and emotional maturity level, it allows your son or daughter to learn by experience as opposed to just watching or talking about it.

Let Your Child Be Friends with Others with Different Views

Your child is more likely to be better adjusted as an adult by associating with people of differing cultures and beliefs. Therefore, you should let your child be friends with kids who may have Wiccan parents or family members who are outside of the mainstream. Of course, you want to vet these people first to ensure that your child is safe around them.

Children need to be exposed to as much of the world as possible before they leave home and start to chart their own path in life. Allowing them to learn about other people gives them the tools needed to understand that everyone is worthy of respect based on their actions and not what religion that they belong to.

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