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4 Ways to Keep Your Family Keepsakes Secure

If you have family valuables that you plan to keep for years to come and possibly hand down to future generations, take steps now to keep them safe from thieves, the climate, or general loss due to forgetfulness as to where they are located in your home. Consider the following options to preserve Aunt Hilda’s pearls or Grandpa’s coin collection in mint condition.

Home Safe

If you want to keep important keepsakes close at hand, you can opt for a home-based safe. There are models that can be built into a wall and hidden by various devices like wall decor or a special shelf. You can also purchase a closet-size safe or one that stands alone for an out-of-the-way place like the basement or attic. Then you can access these memorable items at any time without leaving your home.

Bank Safety Deposit Box

If your items are smaller like jewels, foreign cash, or coins, you may be interested in keeping them at a bank safety deposit box. For a small fee, you can get extra protection for your valuables by having them guarded at the local bank by the same security system and guards that protect the bank’s assets.

Commercial Storage

Another secure option for protecting family valuables is to rent a storage unit. Contact a storage company in New Jersey to discuss the various sizes and options available for the valuables you have in mind. For example, storing fur coats may require certain temperatures or a specific environment in a storage unit to keep the fur from deteriorating.

Neutral Family Member

If your family may be inclined to argue over certain family mementos, it may be a good idea to place them with an objective relative or family friend who will keep them in a safe place for everyone until they are needed. This works well if the valuables are intended to be shared among several relatives or to be kept in storage until needed in the future, such as when a younger child grows up and gets married. Keeping items with a neutral person will ensure the valuables are well protected but also available when needed.

Protect your family’s precious collectibles by placing them away from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Explore these security options to ensure your belongings are kept clean and safe as well as under the protection of a trusted entity, whether at home in a thief-proof safe, a financial institution, or a trustworthy person.

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