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4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy, Happy and Entertained While Traveling

“Are we there yet?” is the bane of every parent’s existence. However, there are ways that you can save yourself from tired, irritable children on an overly long trip. Here are just a few tips for keeping everyone engaged and entertained.

Pack Nutritional Snacks

Avoid chips and candy bars. Pack things like string cheese, yogurt cups, peanut butter celery sticks and apple slices with almond butter. Make sure that you meet your child’s daily recommended values for protein and fiber, and don’t let them overindulge just because you’re traveling. Resist the urge to give them snacks to keep them quiet. You don’t want to encourage bad habits or throw off their nutritional balance.

Lift Your Technology Ban

Many parents like to limit the amount of time that their children spend on smartphones and video games consoles, but when you’re traveling long distances with cranky kids, these gadgets can be lifesavers. You don’t have to let them play mindless games for hours and hours. There are plenty of fun, educational apps that you can pre-load on their devices, and as a bonus, a digital puzzle won’t have any pieces to get lost between the seats like a real puzzle.

Do Things Together

You might be stuck behind the wheel or wedged in an uncomfortable aisle seat, but you can still engage with your children. For example, you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks together and talk about them when you’re done. You can sing songs, play car games or start discussions about your upcoming trip. You can even schedule brief detours just to let everyone stretch their legs and marvel at the world’s biggest ball of twine. Go ahead and make a few family memories together as you travel.

Tend to Aches and Pains Immediately

Don’t ignore any complaints about a sore neck or tender back. Not only can small problems turn into big ones, but developing bodies have different needs and limits than their adult counterparts. You’ll want to pay particular attention to any injuries that your child sustains if you get into an accident. Even if you don’t need a doctor, you might want an injury lawyer, especially if the collision wasn’t your fault.

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