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4 Ways to Keep Your Teenagers Out of Trouble

Every parent of a teenager knows that when their kids have an excessive amount of free time isn’t a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your teenagers out of trouble. They are constantly in contact with negative influences, and parents want to increase their odds of avoiding trouble. Here are a few ways to keep your teenagers out of trouble and actively seeking positive environments and situations.

Establish Rules and Consequences

Parents have considerable influence when it comes to teen’s actions during their free time. It is important to exert that influence in a positive manner. Communicate with your teenagers to let them know exactly what you expect from them regarding behavior, curfew, and assigned chores. Set strict consequences and follow through with them if expectations are not met. Stand behind the rules you make and enforce them to show the cause and effect of bad behavior.

Create Family Activities

Boredom always causes trouble when it comes to teenagers and behavior. Doing activities as a family will keep your teenagers engaged. This is a great opportunity for teens to see an example set by their parents while doing an activity in public. It is also a great way to bond and talk to your teens. The more activities teens are engaged in create less opportunity they will have to engage in bad behaviors such as doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

Being charged with drug possession as a teen is always a significant event. Being charged with drug possession may limit a teen’s future. Speaking to a local criminal defense attorney is crucial. Juvenile drug possession cases often rely on the police’s actions during their interaction with the juvenile. For instance, a McKinney criminal defense law firm professional can analyze and determine if the search and seizure was legal. Protecting your rights and respecting the law and how it protects you are important aspects to consider.

Be Open to Negotiation

Teens are more likely to follow rules that they helped create. When talking about family rules, make the communication a discussion, rather than a lecture.  You could easily plan a family evening together to write out and codify rules and statutes the whole family is to follow.  Setting a good example for your kids by following the house rules is an important part of parenting.

Stay in Constant Communication

Give your teenager a cell phone to keep track of them and to enhance communication and discussion. Living in a constantly-connected world leaves little excuse for teenagers to disregard checking in with their parents. Call or text often to keep communication open at all times.

Having a teen with free time can be stressful, but it’s also a great opportunity to keep your teen engaged and grow your bond. Have high expectations for your teenagers, and always remind them when they are doing something right.

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