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4 Ways to Maintain Independence through Disability and Old Age

Aging and disability are two situations that may seem scary, especially if you live alone. The good news is that you can survive with a few tips and helpful services. The following are four ways to maintain your independence through old age and disability.

Secure Special Benefits

You can register for special benefits that will ensure that you have money coming in while you are disabled. Short-term disability, long-term disability and critical care insurance are examples of some policies that can keep you afloat during that time. Look into those benefits and see how they can enhance your life. You can get them through your job or through governmental programs. There may also be some standalone options for you if you don’t want to go those routes.

Save Money Every Paycheck

Putting money aside for when you need it is crucial to maintaining your independence once you age or become disabled in some way. Even if it’s a small amount, it can add up quickly if you save it. Before you know it, you will have a monetary cushion that you can use to pay your household bills, medical bills and the like.

Hire Help for Yourself

Another thing you can do to make sure you’re okay while you are disabled and as you age is hire help. Fortunately, many services are available for people in your situation. Friendly professionals can help care for you in your time of need. They can act as companions, medication assistants and so much more. You can sign up with a service like Simply Helping to remove the burden from friends and family members. They may have some associates in your region who will be delighted to aid you and make your life more comfortable.

Enlist a Trusted Family Member

You may not want to involve your family members in the huge tasks, but you can still ask for their help in another area of your life. You can ask them to help you with the home cleaning or food preparation. You may have a family member that you would trust to help with your finances. Perhaps one of your family members can give you rides to your doctor’s appointments. They can even help you find outside aging or disability care if you feel that would be helpful for your lifestyle. There are ways that you can utilize your loved ones without causing them undue stress or strain.

Those are just a few suggestions for staying afloat when you’re elderly or disabled. Start with these tips, and you will think of some additional ones to help you keep going.

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