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4 Ways to Make Your Home the Go-to Hangout for Your Kids

While you want your kids to have fun with their friends, as they grow older, you want to make sure that you can still keep an eye on them. Teenagers, especially, tend to get into trouble when no one is paying attention or when they don’t have a safe space. Since it isn’t always easy to just order your kids to stay home and invite their friends over, you need a different approach. You have to make your home a place that they want to hang out and will be proud to invite their friends to. This article will offer a few ideas on how to transform your home into a hangout area.

Don’t Helicopter

Perhaps you’ve heard of helicopter parents. They’re the type that are always just over their child’s shoulder, parenting them and watching them 24/7—no matter what. You can be sure no one is going to want to hangout out at your home if you’re constantly supervising and listening in on conversations. You should make their room a “safe” zone. They can go there to relax and have fun without worrying about being watched or judged by adults. Don’t let it become lawless, but respect their right to privacy.

Unique Entertainment

If your home has something fun that others’ do not, you’ll have an edge over the competition. For example, if your home doesn’t already have one, then you may want to think about installing a pool. Pool provide hours of fun and encourage activity as well. Retro gaming, game tables, pets, and other unique entertainment experience all help you “sell” yourself to your kids and their friends. If they enjoy entertaining themselves at your home, they’ll keep coming back.

Offer Plenty of Treats

Another method to keep your children and friends from choosing to settle into a different hangout is to provide plenty of treats they can’t receive anywhere else. This could mean anything from always having chips on hand to investing in a cotton candy maker. Don’t go crazy—health is still important. However, if you provide a variety of snacks—and plenty of them, you’ll always win the vote for after-school and summer sustenance.

Create a Comfortable Space

While teenagers still have a good amount of energy, they also like to have a place where they can relax. If your home is always too hot or too cold, their go-to relaxation space won’t be your home. Make sure your heating and air conditioning repair and upkeep is frequent. Have plenty of comfortable sitting space available. Cozy blankets are great for cooler months.

To keep your kids happy, healthy, and safe, the best place for them is often at home. These four methods can encourage them to stay and help you avoid stir-crazy kids. Keep them comfy, give them space, and provide snacks and entertainment and your kids will soon love inviting their friends over to their go-to hangout.

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