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4 Ways to Protect Your Family in a Technologically-Advanced World

Your duty as a parent or guardian is to protect your kid’s childhood, provide them with tools to prosper in life and assist them in growing into stable, productive adults. It’s impossible to isolate them from the world they live in, but you can turn it into a safer place.

For children today, technology is a part of their daily life. They switch between gadgets, media, and applications the whole day without even noticing. Unfortunately, technology poses many threats to the moral conduct of children, as well as to their physical safety. So as a concerned parent, what can you do? Here are some things you need to consider.

Control Your Child’s Online Activities

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer your kids are using; it must be under your watchful eye all the time. Applying this awareness can benefit you in two different ways.

First, you can easily notice instances of cyberstalking, and second, your children will be less likely to browse inappropriate materials. Monitor what your kids are saying and doing online by going through their browsing history and looking into their social accounts and digital communications every day.

You should also take advantage of parental control tools. Currently, most of the tech-savvy children know how to change and set their network’s privacy settings. For such kids, consider purchasing parental control software specifically built to help you control and monitor what they can or can’t do online. If they are brave enough to bypass parental settings, hire an expert to hack-proof the settings.

Kids Should Use the Computer in the Open

Consider placing your child’s computer in a highly trafficked area such as the living room or any other public area. This will allow you or other family members to easily see what your kid is doing on the computer. Also, putting computers in open areas will make your little ones less inclined to do bad things.

Use Smart Locks at Your Home

Technology does not only put kids at risk but also adults. It is easy to monitor a person’s movement today based on their social media activities. As such it is easy for burglars or people with ill intentions to know when you are not home and gain entrance. This is especially so if you forget to lock your doors. This is where smart door locks come in.

You can find brands that can be linked to a smart panel, allowing you to get email notifications or texts when you leave your home without locking the door. When this happens, you can still lock the door remotely from your phone, no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a connection.

You can also use geo-fencing features on the locks so that the door can lock automatically each time you leave the house and it will also unlock when you are back. You don’t need to carry keys around anymore. With smart locks, you can be sure that your family is safe and sound even when you are away.

Secure Your Home Network

Apply updated and powerful security software to evade the danger of viruses contaminating your computer or other devices like mobiles and tablets. Use a strong password on your family’s network and remember to leave your computer firewall on. Don’t share the password with kids. The more secure this home network is, less the chances of your children visiting malicious and vulnerable sites.

To be a great parent, you need to protect your family at all times. You need to shelter them and enable them to be without worries.

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