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4 Weird Ways To Raise Money For Charity

There are lots of ways to raise money for nonprofits and charities, but some are terribly mundane. Many people invest time in fundraising, even if they don’t have time to become a formal charity volunteer, but how many do something genuinely unique?

All over the world, people are coming up with creative ways to volunteer for charity or raise money for their favoured causes. Not all of these ideas will be practical for everyone, but they might inspire you to come up with a charity volunteer project all of your own.

1. Reverse Raffles

The charity raffle is something of a tired concept, and many of the attendees at your charity event will only ever buy a strip of tickets under duress. To spice up proceedings, you may want to mix things up: try a reverse raffle instead.

Punters don’t buy tickets from you. Instead, they sell them back to the charity. The quicker they sell them, the lower the donation. People who fail to sell their tickets back to the charity are put into a draw for an embarrassing forfeit. Selling raffle tickets is one of the most tedious charity jobs there is; coming up with hilarious forfeits is considerably more enjoyable.

2. Cow Pat Bingo

If you’ve got the space, the patience and – um – a willing cow, this crazy charity fundraiser could be a winner. Mark your grassy area out into a grid system, then ship in one cow and let her roam freely. Your attendees simply place bets on the coordinates where they think the cow will do her business first.

This fundraiser is something of a fundraiser, and it’s one of the more smelly charity jobs we’ve come across, but in terms of quirkiness, it’s hard to beat.

3. Spider Cascade

Scared of spiders? This fundraiser would present a true challenge: surround yourself with arachnids for several weeks in a tiny, confined space. That’s what Nick Le Souef did when he wanted to raise money for Variety, an Australian children’s charity. Oh, and did we mention that the spiders he spent his time with were potentially dangerous?

Nick could have picked up a nasty bite – although most of the spiders preferred to eat each other instead. Nice.

4. Wear the Same Dress For a Year

Here’s another charity fundraiser that’s actually happened: wearing the same little black dress for 365 days in a row. Advertising exec Sheena Matheiken did just that in order to support the Akanksha Foundation.

Sheena raised more than $100,000, and her fundraising drive – dubbed the Uniform Project – is now in its second year. If you’ve been inspired by this creative charity project, you can get involved and take on your own challenge at

Extreme Charity Stunts

We could have added many more weird and wonderful fundraisers to our list, but some were too extreme for inclusion: the Sheriff that volunteered to be tasered is certainly brave, but it’s unlikely anyone else will follow in his fundraising footsteps. But wacky fundraising can be incredibly effective, and if you’re looking for a job working for charity, the experience will look great on your resume too.

Sam Wright is a journalist working with Third Sector Jobs. Click here to visit the website.

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