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5 Asthma Attack Triggers to Avoid

If you or your children have asthma, then it is essential to avoid the triggers that cause a breathing attack. In the past, physicians didn’t know what caused respiratory distress from asthma, but today, researchers have learned more about the things that trigger attacks. Here are some of the ways to avoid asthma attacks.

Maintain Your Overall Health

If you have other health problems, then it is easier to have an asthma attack. Keep your body healthy by eating a nutritious diet, and also, make sure to get vaccinations for preventable diseases, including influenza or pneumonia. To prevent an asthma attack, don’t smoke cigarettes, and also, avoid secondhand smoke.

Keeping a Home’s Climate-control Equipment Clean

Keeping the air in your home clean is essential to avoid respiratory distress, and by maintaining your home’s air conditioner and furnace, you can keep the allergens away. Change the filters in a furnace or air conditioner frequently along with cleaning the ductwork in your home.

Preventing Pest Infestations

Experts have determined that the pests that invade a home can leave debris on the floors and other surfaces that will circulate through the air to cause an asthma attack. Some of the pests that can cause problems include cockroaches, dust mites or rodents. These pests can infest a home with droppings, fur or other substances that cause an allergic reaction. In addition to keeping your home clean, you should contact an exterminator about professional pest and  termite control.Termites don’t carry diseases, but can make your allergies and asthma attacks act up.

Using Fragrance-free Products

The fragrances that are in household cleansers or beauty care items can constrict the airways in your lungs, leading to an asthma attack. You can avoid this problem by choosing fragrance-free products while shopping. Learn how to read labels on the products that you buy so that you can select laundry detergents, bath soap or other products that don’t have added perfumes.

Extreme Physical Activity

While exercising is important, if you engage in extreme physical activity, then you might have an asthma attack. Choose types of physical activity that are milder, including yoga routines or swimming. If you are exercising, then remain aware of your breathing to avoid having an attack.

Nasal and Sinus Rinsing

By using a special device, you can rinse your nose and sinuses to remove allergens. This can also help to prevent sinus infections or colds by rinsing away pathogens. Keeping your sinuses and the interior surface of your nose clean can prevent respiratory problems.

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