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5 Automotive Tools Every Weekend Mechanic Should Have in his Toolbox

The main reason most DIY people do it themselves is to save money on the expensive labor that comes with hiring professionals. Weekend mechanics are no different. Working on a car at home inevitably saves money, but it also gives the added peace of mind knowing exactly what has been done on the vehicle. Professional have their own essential tools for getting the job done right and so should a weekend mechanic.

Fluorescent Work Light

What cannot be seen, cannot be worked on. A fluorescent work light is a must-have for any weekend mechanic. These lights are much brighter, use less power and run cooler than the old drop down incandescent bulb lights. Seeing that last bolt on the underside of a part has never been easier.

Mechanics Tool Set

Any weekend mechanic worth his salt needs a mechanics tool set. These consist primarily of sockets, wrenches, a screwdriver with extra heads and ratchets. No one wants to run to the auto parts store mid-job looking for the right size of socket. Even though power tools are indispensable, sometimes a manual screwdriver with extra heads is the only way to get that tight-fitting part off.

Hydraulic Jack and Stands

Having to spend time under a vehicle is typically the most unpleasant part of working on a car. However, it can be necessary for jobs as simple as an oil change on a low-profile car. As Professional Automotive reminds us, a hydraulic jack makes lifting a car easy and stands keep that workplace safe and stable.

Drill/Driver Kit

Probably nothing makes a weekend mechanic’s job easier than a power drill and driver kit. Tough bolts take less time to get off and parts that have to be taken off and put back on again several times are no problem with a power drill.

Adjustable Torque Wrench

Lug nuts, engine head bolts and many other parts require just the right amount of torque to remove. With an adjustable torque wrench, the weekend mechanic gets the perfect tool to remove just about any type of bolt or nut. Adjustable to fit into a variety of places and to get the precise amount of torque for the job.

As with any DIY job, working on a vehicle starts with the right tools. Not having the right tools can turn a one hour job into a three or four hour job. After all, no one wants to spend their entire weekend working on a car.

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