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5 Bed Accessories for the Whole Family

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There are many bed accessories that can make your bed a more comfortable and usable place to be. The market today offers a great range of products that will transform your bed into a wonderful place to read, work, or snack. Here are some top picks for accessories that will benefit the whole family 


A bed railing can keep little ones from tumbling out and give an older person a grab bar for turning. While older bed railings had to be fitted to the side of the frame, modern bed railings can be held down by the weight of the mattress. If using bed railings for a small child, take care to limit bed linens so there’s not a risk of tangling. For older sleepers, considering putting pieces of reflective tape on the railing so it can be seen upon waking or when returning from a visit to the bathroom.


A wedge pillow can be put to use by a reader needing back support. These also have medical purposes, such as protecting against reflux and excessive snoring or apnea, and are commonly used during pregnancies. There are wedges that are simply triangles that work very well for back sleepers. You can also get a wedge pillow with a platform at the top for your regular bed pillow if you find yourself turning on to your side. If you can’t get comfortable using a wedge pillow, consider adding lifts to the legs at the top of the bed, which turn the entire bed into a wedge. 

Lounge Pillows

You can also turn your bed into a lounge with the addition of a custom pillow. These can be as simple as a steep wedge or as luxurious as a husband pillow with a neck rest and arms. Do your best to get a pillow covered in fabric with some “grab” or texture. This way, you won’t have to slide around chasing the pillow to stay at a good height. These useful tools should be easy to wash or come with a removable dust cover for easy cleaning. If your pillow is shredded foam, you may want to take it to a laundromat for washing in a heavy-duty machine. Once it gets wet, it will be quite heavy. If your pillow is solid foam, get a cover you can remove for laundering.


A light to read by is critical if you like to relax in bed. Hands-free flex lights are a great tool. They wrap around the back of your neck and can be set to shine right on your book. You can also find a light to clip directly on your current read. Having a light on the side table can work if it’s tall enough. There are also lights you can clip on your headboard or mount to the wall above your bed. If possible, try to get lights that give off a rosy glow. The blue light will convince your brain that it’s time to get up, while pink or rose light will help your brain fall asleep.

Foot Warmer

For many of us, the best way to regulate your body temperature is to cool down, or warm-up, our feet. Invest in microwavable foot warmers for a temporary warm-up before pulling up the covers. If anyone in your house has any circulatory problems or is diabetic, take care to check the interior temp of the warmer with the back of your hand before slipping your feet inside, so there’s no risk of burning the skin on their feet. If you like to read for a bit before sleeping, you can purchase foot warmers with plug-ins. However, these cords can get tangled in the bedding and be a bother if you turn over, so unless you don’t move around much at all, the microwavable warmers will likely be a better choice.


We hope that with these products, your bed can become a wonderful place for rest and leisure activities. If you struggle to fall asleep or have difficulty staying asleep, several of these tools can make your nights more restful. If health conditions mean that you have to spend more time in bed, a custom pillow can add much-needed support and options for different positions. Great light can allow you to craft or read, and a foot warmer will keep you cozy. No matter your needs, there is something out there for you.

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