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5 Best Way to Turn Your Kid Collectibles into Cash

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It starts small; you buy a toy for your kid, a shirt there, and next thing you have boxes of collectibles your kid no longer uses. Most people think of donating these collectibles to a charitable organization.

But what if you turn some into cash and offer a monetary donation to those organizations? Mostly, you find that you have brand name items or clothes that have selling tags with them. You can make several dollars with these collectibles. But how can you turn them into cash?

There are various websites or retail shops that can convert your kid collectibles into cash. Whether you are looking into selling or buying vintage transformers or any other random collectible of yours, no matter the time of the day. But before you sell you want to know how you can get more dollars from your kid’s collectibles. Here are five steps that you must follow.

1. Pull Out the High-Value Items First

I can guess that in your kid collectible box some items have a famous brand. Display them first! It is common knowledge that popular goods are in high demand, which means that they fetch high market prices too.

Some of the popular brands that you should display first are brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, among others. You can sell these brands for almost the same prices they are going to in the shops as they are always in high demand.

2. Take Excellent Photos

Do you need to impress your potential buyers, well? Where a picture is not worth a thousand words, it is at least $20. Yes, it is cumbersome to take individual photos of all your kid’s collectibles, but you need to know that you will get pay for extra minutes that you think you are wasting.

There is no better way to entice potential customers to buy your collectibles than excellently presenting them. Don’t forget to capture the tags of the collectibles if they still have them. This shows that the item is new or it is in good condition.

3. Sell them at a Friendly Price

Most people get greedy when it comes to pricing. Well, we know that you probably bought that Lacoste shirt at $110, but that does not mean that you will sell it for $95. You have to remember that you are selling them as used items and therefore, you cannot price them as new ones. The best thing is to conduct market research and know how other people are pricing their similar used collectibles.

Yes, that toy might be the first toy that your daughter owned, and therefore you still have its emotions. But you must know that not many care about emotions, thus, if you price it high, there will be no one to buy.

4. Match your Sales to the Upcoming Season

If you want to get much from your kid’s collectibles, you must be perfect in targeting the season. I mean, hide the coats and boots during summer and sell them in the winter. During this time, they are going to be in very high demand, which means that they will also fetch very high market prices.

Still, you will be going against the trend, which is a good thing in business as most people line up their collectibles for sale during February and March. Buyers are always in the lookout for items that they can start using immediately, and therefore, it is essential to match the seasons.

5. Make It easy and more Enticing

If you make things easy for your prospective customers, the likelihood of buying will be high. Perhaps you can decide to bundle them together instead of selling them individually. You can choose to bundle items from one brand together, or you decide to sell a shirt and a pair of trousers together. Most buyers want to buy in payers, and this eases the buyer selection. As it saves time, you get more customers which means a good return for your items.

Follow the above steps and advice to turn your kid collectibles into cash. Instead of throwing your kid’s collectibles away, register in an online collectible resale shop. Selling is easy as you only need an excellent photo of your items.

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