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5 Classic Movies The Whole Family Will Love

5-classic-movies-the-whole-family-will-loveModern movies have the best special effects, but the classics still have something to offer your family. You may sit down to watch flicks you loved as a child only to be disappointed by the plot, special effects, or acting. However, there are some classics out there that are just as enjoyable today as they were the first time they aired.

The chills and thrills are still great in this classic starring Robin Williams. Your kids also may learn a little something about loyalty and the true meaning of bravery along the way. It’s rated PG, and it is a great choice for slightly older kids as the younger ones may not like some of the intense scenes where spiders, lions, and other frightening beings come alive through the game.

The Goonies
Kids are still fascinated with pirates and treasure, and they’ll love following Mikey and his friends through the caves. One of the great things about this movie is the acceptance of Sloth and the loyalty of the entire gang. They like to tease each other and have fun, but they also watch out for each other at all times.

The Princess Bride
This movie continues to be such a hit that certain lines from it may never fade from our memory. Sit down to watch it with your kids so that you can listen to them go, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.” The rodents of unusual size aren’t realistic enough to scare your younger kids, and even teenagers will enjoy the subtle humor that’s woven throughout the story.

Star Wars IV, V and VI
Visit sites like Pristine Sales to find classics like the original Star Wars saga. The script is genuine, and the movie is filled with some great scenes that everyone in the family will appreciate. Even if your kids watched the prequels and weren’t impressed, encourage them to give this classic a try. After all, everyone should learn the importance of letting the Wookie win.

The Wizard of Oz
Travel to a place over the rainbow with Dorothy and her little dog, too. After you watch the story through Dorothy’s eyes, you can sit down with Wicked to get the witches version of events. Your children, however, will be charmed with the story and it just might become a favorite in your household.

You’re sure to have your own favorites to share with the kids, but be sure to include these classics. Other titles worth picking up and keeping are E.T., How to Train Your Dragon, and Shrek. Family movie night will never be boring again when you have these classics on hand.

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