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5 Common Household Problems and How to Repair Them

When you own a home, there are several items that can require a repair. Make sure to complete a regular inspection of all of your home’s interior and exterior features to find any problems that you must fix right away.

Leaking Basement Walls

If your home has a basement, then you must check the walls and floors frequently to see any moisture problems. When the temperature in a house is humid, you might have condensation on the walls, but in many cases, rainwater or snowmelt is leaching through the soil to enter the floor or the walls. Today, you can buy the equipment and sealants required for protecting the floor and walls of your basement, so you can apply the liquid sealants with multiple treatments several days apart.

Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Make sure to clean the tree leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters a couple of times a year. During the process, you may notice a problem with your home’s downspouts, gutters or roof. You can use fasteners to fix the loose downspouts or gutters, but you may need to hire a technician for major roof problems.

Inspect a Home’s Foundation

It is easy to ignore a home’s concrete slab because it is often covered by plants or soil, but this part of your home can begin to crumble for a variety of reasons. Without an essential foundation repair, you could have serious issues with the other structural elements of a home. You can seal cracks in the foundation on your own with special substances that are sold at a home improvement store, and you can also fill larger holes with cement. However, if the problem is severe, then you should contact an expert to fix the concrete slab.

Water Pipe Leaks

The pipes underneath the sinks in a bathroom or a kitchen tend to degrade rapidly due to the shapes of these items. However, it is easy to replace these pipes by having the proper tools and a new section of pipe that is the correct size. Make sure to turn off your home’s water at the main valve before removing the defective pipe. In addition, cover the cabinet or the floor surface with a plastic sheet to prevent any damage.

Heating System Problems

During the winter, you must have adequate heat to remain warm, but your home can also become damaged without enough warmth. First, turn off a home’s furnace to clean its components with a damp cloth along with changing its filter. Walk through your home to verify that the vents are open and not covered with rugs, clutter or draperies. Turn on the furnace to listen to any sounds from the equipment. If the furnace isn’t operating optimally, then contact a technician for a repair.

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