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5 Creative Tips for Turning a Garage into a Man Cave

If you need your own space to do manly things, you might be able to use your garage. It’s a much less costly option than a new home addition. Still, if you’re planning major renovations you’ll need a building permit costing anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars. You might want to add insulation, wiring, heat and AC, or put down some carpet over the concrete floor. Here are some ideas for your new man cave.


Dedicated space in the garage provides a peaceful retreat from the rest of the world. If you’re into wood crafts or repairing small engines, start with a good workbench and tool cabinet. Add an extra chair or two for visitors, a TV or stereo for entertainment, a mini-fridge or coffee maker for beverages, and you’ve got a sanctuary where you’ll be spending a lot of free time.


Whether you brew your own beer or buy it by the keg, your garage can become a tavern with your own twist, such as a Tike bar or Mexican cantina. With the right décor, a bar top, a kegerator, and a grill, you’ll create an intriguing backdrop where you can entertain friends with a cold brew and tasty snacks. Add a flat screen TV and a dartboard, and they may never leave.

Cheering Section

You can have your own sports bar to support your favorite teams. A large screen TV, a mini fridge, a comfy couch or two, and plenty of sports memorabilia helps to complete the surroundings. You can watch the game in peace with your buddies where the wife and kids won’t bother you, and yell as loud as you want.


If food is your passion, there’s no need to wait for warmer weather and clear skies. You should ensure the garage door is well-maintained by a company like Garage Door Pros so you can raise or lower it easily to let in fresh air and sunlight. Then drag your grill inside, a smoker, deep fryer, and anything else you require. Decorate it as you like, and you can have a terrific fresh-air barbecue even when it’s raining outside.

Billiard Room

For a lot of guys, the best man cave starts with a pool table and a fridge full of beer. All you need is the sticks, chalk, and so on for a game of pool with a few comfy chairs around. You can develop your billiard skills and have a lot of fun with family or visitors in the process. Be sure you have plenty of light, such as an overhead lamp.

If you have the extra space and are willing to commit a little time any money, you can transform your garage into anything you can imagine.

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