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5 Driving Tips for New Teenage Drivers and Their Families

Year after year, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatalities of US teens. Young drivers have a tendency to drive too fast, too close to the car in front of them, and they are apt to underestimate dangerous situations which can lead to car accidents. To counteract the odds that sometimes seem to be stacked against young drivers, here are five driving tips for new teenage drivers and their families.

Minimize Distractions

Staying focused on the road is important for drivers of all ages. A minor distraction – changing the radio, reaching for your cell phone, or reaching in the backseat – is all it takes for a car accident to occur. Distractions tend to occur more frequently with young and inexperienced drivers. It is a good idea to ignore your cell phone when driving for safety’s sake. It’s also against the law to use it while the car is in operation in many states anyway. If you must make a phone call or send a text, pull over safely.

Parking Lot Practice

If it’s feasible, giving teens an opportunity to practice basic driving skills in a large, empty parking lot with no other cars around is a good idea. Skills to consider practicing: turning a corner, parking in a marked parking space, and maintaining a safe speed. Another skill to consider practicing is hard braking – this will give a teen the opportunity to learn how long it takes to actually stop the car suddenly when traveling at a decent rate of speed.

Car Insurance

Obtaining adequate car insurance coverage is an easy legal decision completed for the protection of drivers, their passengers, and the vehicle. Professionals, like Boise car accident lawyers, know that if the driver is held at fault for the accident and the other party is injured, a driver may have to seek legal assistance. Car insurance companies can help you decide which plan works best for your family’s safety needs.

Do As I Do

Parents should model good driving behaviors for their teens. Buckle up, obey speed limits and minimize distractions. Teens learn appropriate driving habits from watching their parents.  Setting an example is the best way to teach a new driver the appropriate techniques they should use on the road.

Build Confidence

When first learning to drive, parents can take small trips with their teens driving (less than 5 miles away) to help build their confidence and develop good habits.

Hopefully, these driving tips will help make teens’ transition into safe driving an easier one for families.  Taking the time to spend with your kids and teach them how to drive is well worth it.  Just remember to be patient and always encourage new drivers.

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