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5 Easy Ways To Make Friends When You Move To A New City

Moving to a new city can be exciting because you get the chance to start all over again. It’s almost like you’re an adventurer exploring a new world. If you moved because of work the job you accepted must be better than your last one. You’ll enjoy living in your new apartment because you don’t have to stare at the same four walls anymore. What could possibly go wrong? If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t make friends easily you might be about to find out.

Just because everything seems perfect doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way once you start your new life. Lots of people have done the exact same thing before and they ended up regretting the move because they didn’t have any new friends to socialize with. We’re social creatures and if you end up sitting in your apartment on your own at night you might end up hating your new life as well. Take a look at some of these easy ways you can make friends so your life can be great.

Join a sports team

If you live in a decent sized city there will probably be a team in every sport you can possibly think of. You just need to show up one day and start training then the rest will be history. The great thing about team sports is that teammates develop a strong bond, so it’s very likely you will build strong friendships with a few other players. You will also go out at the weekends a lot with everyone because team building is essential to winning.

Start a new hobby

If you have ever wanted to try anything new then this is your chance. Just make sure you choose one where there will be more people than just you getting taught at any one time. Cooking and art classes are always good choices because you can stand around talking while you work. Even if you don’t have any great desire to start a new hobby you should try anyway because you could make some good friends before you eventually quit.

Go to the gym

Even if you have never lifted a weight before you could start going to the gym. You would end up in excellent shape, but you would also meet a lot of people who could potentially become your friend. The easiest way to start speaking to someone at the gym is by taking part in one of the classes in an aerobic studio. You can start speaking to someone on the gym floor, but they might get a little annoyed if they’re concentrating on their workout.

Higher education

Studying is one of the easiest ways to become friends with people because in a class environment you can’t help but talk with people. You also have to get into groups to discuss things, so you’re literally forced to communicate with classmates. After class you can all go for a drink and a bite to eat. Hopefully you will get to know a couple of people you would like to spend more time with and you can hang out with them on a continual basis.

Take a second job

If you don’t meet any friends in your day job you could maybe take on some part-time work at night or at the weekend. Making friends in an office environment isn’t too easy, but if you work in a bar it’s obviously different because it’s a lot more social. When the doors close and the public go home there are always a few people hanging around having a drink or two. This is a great way to become friends with your colleagues.

Amy Sawyer is a freelance writer working for in the UK. She writes about human behavior. A reserved person in her early days, she only got to meet new people in London when her friends took her out. She considers making new friends an exciting prospect and suggests people to try it out.

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