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5 Emergency Phone Numbers You Should Have Saved on Your Cellphone

One of the best things about cellphones is that you can save emergency numbers on the device so that you can call for help quickly. Not every emergency is a call to 9-11. Not only will it be a costly call that should obviously be made when the time is right. However, You can find these five types of telephone numbers to save on your phone by looking on the internet or in a local telephone directory.

Poison Control

If a child or a pet consumes a poison in your home, then you must call a poison control center right away for help. Keep the national poison control number on your cellphone to learn what you need to do when a poisoning incident occurs. Instead of googling the name of the makeup or spray that was ingested or went into the eye call poison control right away. They know all the ingredients by giving them the product name and can keep you calm, walk you through how to properly wash or what to avoid. They will let you know if you should hang up or go to the ER, plus they will do a follow up call to make sure things are resolved. There is no time to guess when an emergency happens or for your data to act up while you search for the right number. Save precious time by adding this 24/7 National hotline to your phone right now. American Association of Poison Control centers number is (800) 222-1222.

Local Nonemergency Police Assistance

There are times that you will need a police officer at your home for a nonemergency situation. If you suspect something is not right, but don’t have any evidence then you can spare the 911 operator and talk to someone instead. Remember, someone looking different than you is not enough reason to call the police unless their actions have broken the law. Hunches can often be unconscious bias that is manifesting within yourself. If that’s the case, you can call your local therapist to learn how to battle unconscious bias based on gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. If someone’s actions have broken the law then you can call the police.  You may discover that someone vandalized your property or your vehicle, and you will need to contact a police officer to file a report so that you can seek reimbursement from your insurance company. You should only call an emergency police number for dangerous situations that require immediate assistance. The number for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office is (303)795-4711.

Someone to Help You Unlock Your Vehicle or Your Home

When the locks of your home or your vehicle are not functioning, you will need to call A-A Lock & Alarm or a local locksmith for help immediately. They will be able to help you get back into your home or car without having to break a window. If you need to make a new key they can help with that as well. This expert has the proper tools to make new traditional keys or automated key signals so that you can use your vehicle or open your home’s front door. This technician is also needed when someone breaks the locks on your home or your vehicle as you may want to make new sets of keys.

Towing Company

If you are driving along a busy highway or a lonely country road, then you could have a problem with your vehicle, requiring a tow truck. Don’t get stuck in this situation without having a telephone number saved on your phone so that you can request emergency help. Look for the numbers of a trusted local company to have on your phone, but if you are traveling, then you should have additional numbers saved. It is also possible to contact your vehicle insurance company’s telephone number for assistance with this issue. You should have your insurance roadside assistance saved on your phone in case your card is located elsewhere. You’re already going to be stressed, do the work now while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Animal Control

Having the animal control emergency telephone number available right away can help you to cope with an issue that includes a wild animal that invades your home or having fast assistance for a dangerous dog. In some regions, wildlife animals, such as bears, mountain lions or coyotes have entered someone’s backyard, leading to a dangerous situation. In warmer climates, people in Florida may need an animal control officer to cope with a large snake or an alligator. You may even need to call if you hit a deer or see a stray dog that needs to find it’s owners. Arapahoe County Animal Control is (720) 874-6750.

Remain Calm When Calling for Help

If you must call an emergency number, then remain calm while explaining your situation and providing the information required for the experts to assist you. Remain on the telephone until the person who you are talking to tells you to disconnect.

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