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5 Foods You May Not Have Known Are Bad for Kids’ Teeth

Those healthy snacks you let your kids consume may not be as healthy as you think. Many snacks aren’t good for your children’s teeth for a variety of different reasons. Some snacks provide some nutritional benefit. However, the texture and sugar content of many snacks are an enemy to young teeth. In fact, there are five snacks that most parents may not realize are unhealthy for children’s teeth.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits aren’t good for children’s teeth. They are healthier to consume in their undried state. The drying process creates a sugary snack that is as sticky as a caramel. These sticky fruits can attach to the teeth which is unhealthy because of the sugar content. Dried fruits also contain non-soluble cellulose fiber. This is even worse than candy because of its sticky texture and resistance to saliva.

Sports Drinks & Gummy Vitamins

Believe it or not, those sports drinks that seem like a better alternative to sugary juices may not be. Sports drinks are often filled with a plethora of acids and sugar. Plus, vitamin drinks can have as much sugar in them as candy. The most surprising piece of information involves vitamins. Chewable vitamins can be unhealthy for young teeth. They contain acids that coat the teeth and can become trapped between teeth as well.

Grape Fruit & Lemon Fruit Juices

Fruit juices contain vitamin C as well as other healthy nutrients. However, many fruit juices aren’t good for teeth. Most are high in sugar and there are a few that have the extra issue of being unhealthy for tooth enamel. Both grape and lemon juice are acidic and have the ability to erode tooth enamel over time. Even juices that claim to be all natural can contain sugars that aren’t good for your teeth as well. Water and milk are better choices. You should limit the number of fruit juices your child consumes.


Although chips aren’t sweet, the body treats them as sugar at some point in the digestion process. Most parents know that chips aren’t the healthiest snacks for kids. However, they don’t realize the damage that chips can have on young teeth. Any starch made from white flour is a simple carbohydrate. Simple carbs break down into simple sugars that can be cavity causing for the teeth. The problems come from the starch attaching to the teeth.

Granola Bars

Surprising huh? Even these healthy bars are not without their share of drawbacks. The sticky chewy consistency is an enemy to healthy teeth. These healthy snacks stick to your teeth making it difficult for saliva to wash them away. Granola bars do contain a lot of healthy ingredients. Yet the consistency and the sugar content make them a threat to healthy young teeth. If your child is going to consume these, it may be a good idea to brush after eating them.

It’s well worth focusing on the foods your child consumes to keep him or her healthy. Ask a dentist in Charleston about tooth-friendly snacks for your kids. Many parents give their kids snacks thinking they aren’t harmful to their teeth. However, there is a lot of information disproving the validity of the healthiness of many of these snacks. Optimal dental health is as much about the foods you consume as how you take care of your teeth. It’s two-fold. Some healthy snacks have some nutritional benefits but require you to use caution as well. For example, citrus drinks are high in vitamin C and other nutrients. Yet, if you consume too much, the acid levels can wreak havoc on your teeth.

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