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5 Great Christmas Gifts for Young Adult Children

It is drawing close to Christmas again, and you are starting to ponder what gifts you will get your young adult children this year. As your children continue to get older, you notice that finding gifts that you believe will appeal to young adults is far more difficult than the usual toys and candy options that satisfied them when they were little kids. In fact, you know your adult children have come to appreciate more out of life, and you want to give them each something special. The following are a few gift ideas that are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

Roku Express and Streaming Stick

With the Roku Express and Streaming Stick, your young adult child will have access to a vast library of movies across numerous platforms: giving them access to both paid and free channels. The wonderful thing is that this is all for a one-time fee, not a fee that keeps needing to be paid each month. With thousands of movies and shows to choose from, this will keep your son or daughter entertained for a very long time to come. This simple to install streaming set up also will make it possible to turn your young adult child’s regular television into a smart television as well.

Sock Subscription Box

Something your adult children may appreciate is receiving a regular shipment of socks once a month. A sock subscription box can provide them with professional, designer socks, or a good sock club will let your adult children be more artistic and creative with the types of socks they choose to receive by subscription. This kind of fun gift has a little something for anyone who wears socks. Of course, your young adult children will certainly imagine this gift item to be in far better taste than those packs of new underwear you got them last year.

New Camera

Since your kids are blossoming into adults now, a new camera can be a useful item to help them capture memories for their own future moments of reflection. From pictures with the family to photographs of their next cross country trip, a camera can bring loads of joy for your adult children as they share photos of themselves with friends and family. With so many options and accessories to choose from, a decent camera might even turn out to be a great hobby starter. You can even supplement the camera with a photography backpack.

The Echo Spot

Built atop the lofty Alexa platform, the Echo Spot takes the old Echo experience to that next level. This version of the Echo has a sleek viewscreen, and it can be used to engage a variety of functions. Maybe your young adult child wants to use the screen to pull up a clock in real time. Or, maybe they want to have a video chat with another family member. The Echo Spot will provide your adult child with all these great options and many more.

The Tile Pro

It just so happens that your young adult children are not always mindful of where they place their things. Every time you turn around they are looking for something they have misplaced. Fortunately, you can help them remember where they place their keys or other important items with the Tile Pro. Simply attach the Tile Pro to any device or item you want to keep track of, and you will make finding that item a breeze.


The holidays are approaching fast. Now is the time to start taking care of items on your Christmas list. While your young adult children can be a challenge to buy for, hopefully the above gift suggestions can give you some ideas to help you get started so that you can cross them off your list in style this year.

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