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5 Great Gifts for Elderly Loved Ones

As you go about your annual holiday shopping, some of the people in your life who might be the hardest to shop for are your elderly loved ones. At their stage in life, it can seem like they already have everything they need, so finding something that can add value and meaning to their life can be quite a challenge. With a little planning and consideration, though, you can find gifts that will not only be appreciated by the seniors you have in your life but also used by them on a regular basis.

Something to Entertain

The electronics section might not be the first place you visit when searching for a gift for an elderly loved one, but it might surprise you just how many items in this section will be truly useful to those who are older. One of these unexpected gifts is a big screen TV. For younger people, having a large TV in the home is almost a given, but for older folks, it can be very helpful, too, even if it’s less expected. The larger screen makes it easier to see the images and read the text that is displayed. Plus, larger TVs tend to have better speakers, allowing the recipient to turn it up as loud as they need to.

Something to Relax

The idea of Grandma in a hot tub might not be the first thing you think of when you think of an old-fashioned family Christmas, but gifting an elderly loved one with a hot tub could totally transform their life. Elderly people deserve a place to relax just as much as someone who is younger, plus the hydrotherapy benefits offered by the warm waters and soothing jets of a hot tub could have unexpected rejuvenating effects that improve their physical and mental health. If you decide to go this route, do make sure to sign-up for some sort of hot tub repair and maintenance package, to ensure their hot tub is ready for them whenever they need it.

Something to Keep in Touch

Trying to teach an elderly relative how to use a smartphone might be as far away from a Merry Christmas as you can imagine. The fact is, though, that smartphone hardware and software is actually quite intuitive and can be used successfully by anyone who has the patience to jump the initial hurdles, no matter what age they are. A smartphone could allow your elderly relative to feel less disconnected by providing them with opportunities to text, talk, and even video chat with their friends and relatives. Just stick with them while they’re first learning, and it might turn out that they end up teaching you a thing or two.

Something to Appreciate

If your elderly loved one truly does have it all, then don’t give them anything, except a huge smile and a warm heart. Donating to a charity in their honor can be a great way to spread the love that they have showered on you to other people who so desperately need it. Many charities even have cards portraying exactly what the money is being used for, so your loved one can experience the joy that they have brought to someone else, without adding any physical “stuff” to their already cluttered home.

Something to Last

As people get closer to the end of their life, they begin to think about the legacy they are leaving behind. To help broaden the scope of your loved one’s legacy, a great gift idea is to establish a scholarship fund in their honor. If set up wisely, the funds in the scholarship fund could eventually become self-sustaining, requiring little, if any, work on your part. The gift of education benefits the recipient for a lifetime, and contributing to that can build an unbreakable and unforgettable legacy. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life when you give them a chance to succeed.

It Really Is the Thought That Counts

With any of these gifts, or any others you might choose to give, the most important thing is that you give them in love. If you give something, even as extravagant as a hot tub or large scholarship fund, out of a sense of obligation, most of the beauty of the act of giving, and thus most of the joy in the act of receiving, are lost. So, whatever you find that will best suit your loved one, use it to simply show them just how much you care for them, and how much their influence on your life has formed you into who you are today.

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