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5 Great Ways to Nurture Your Children’s Interest in the Arts

Picasso once said that every child is an artist. Exposing your child to the beauty of the arts at an early age will help them to nurture a love for this part of life. Here are five practical and easy ways that you can nurture your child’s interest in the arts.

Follow Your Child’s Lead

When nurturing your child’s appreciation of the arts, it is important that you follow their lead. If they are showing interest in a particular discipline, it is critical that you encourage that passion and support their pursuit. If the interest starts to wane and move on to something else, you need to respect that change of direction and let your child take the lead on the new path. This will empower your child to pursue what is truly interesting to them, thus increasing their overall satisfaction with what they get out of the arts. Your only responsibility is to expose them to as many things as possible and encourage them as they go hard after their own individual passions.

Give Them the Tools

Regardless of what your child’s passion is, you need to ensure that they have the tools that they need to grow this interest. Whether that is painting, acting, or playing a musical instrument, supporting their goals with the right supplies and equipment will go a long way in helping them to explore this interest. A guitar store or an art supply shop are ideal places to discover new hobbies that may nurture your child’s natural interests. A good way to see what piques your child’s curiosity is to simply browse the aisles and let your child pick up different instruments or supplies to see what calls out to them.

Provide Them Space

In addition to providing your child with the necessary art supplies and tools, you also need to make sure that they have the appropriate space at home to indulge in these passions. Stock the space with items that will cultivate creativity. Examples of things to include in this area of your home are art supplies, drawing pads, easels, musical instruments, and instructional books. When your kids are younger, you can stick with simple household items that are age-appropriate. As your child grows older, you can provide them with more formal supplies that will make them feel like a true artist.

Make Art Part of Your Vacations

Art does not have to be limited to the confines of your everyday life. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to explore new art installations outside of your normal world. For example, when traveling to a new city, be sure to make room on your trip itinerary to check out a local art museum or boutique gallery. Or perhaps you want to attend a musical performance or a Broadway show? Getting out of your comfort zone and seeing what other areas of the world offer up for arts will stretch your comfort zone and expose your child to a myriad of different art options. By making this a regular part of your family trips, you will instill in them a love for arts of different types.

Be Proud of Their Work

It is no secret that most children delight in the positive affirmation from their parents. You can show your appreciation for your child’s interest in art by being vocal about how proud you are of their efforts. Hanging artwork in prominent places in the home is a good way to send the message to them that you love their work. You also need to be intentional about attending music performances, plays, art shows, or any other event that showcases your child’s contribution to the art world. They will feel encouraged to continue in all of their artistic endeavors if you take the time to praise their efforts and make them feel proud of their accomplishments.

By following these five principals, you will put your child in the best position to make the appreciation of the arts a cornerstone of their life. What you impress on them now as a child will deliver lasting effects as they grow older and grow in their love for the arts.

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