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5 Great Ways to Save Your Family Money This Summer

With the economy going into a tailspin, it is understandable if you are making it a priority to save money. Regardless of if you are looking to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, or simply pad your retirement account, you can use this season to cut costs and save money for your family. Here are five ways that you can save money this summer.

Take Advantage of Free Summer Programs

Entertaining your children over the summer can bust your budget if you are not intentional about looking for deals. Be sure to take advantage of free summer programs geared at keeping kids entertained. Most local libraries are great resources for parents looking for free and fun ways to entertain their children over the summer. A summer reading program is a smart way to keep your kids busy while also stimulating their minds during this downtime. Many libraries offer free storytimes, lectures, book clubs, and more all geared at kids.

Check Out Online Calendars for Events

In addition to summer programs, many communities also boast free festivals and other events that will help you to pass the time without spending a lot of money. Check out online calendars to see what is going on in your area this summer and plan your schedule accordingly. Online social media groups are also good sources of information for what is going on in your area. Instead of spending the day at an expensive theme park, you can maximize your entertainment dollar by heading out to a free local festival or event. Some communities also offer weekly free concerts in the park that appeal to families. If your children are a little older, your family may enjoy a free movie night.

Cut Coupons and Shop the Sales

You may be shocked at how much money you can save if you are purposeful at searching out coupons. Search for coupons online and in the paper in your country or local area. For example if you live in Canada you can check out the best Canadian coupon websites. You are sure to find a goldmine of savings that will ensure that you stretch your dollar to the fullest. It is also worth your time to shop the sales in your area. If you have room in your pantry or an additional freezer, you may want to consider stockpiling food when it is on sale. By shopping the sales and combining the deals with coupons, you will save loads on your monthly grocery bill.

Entertain at Home or Outside

One of the most expensive parts of summer is all of the get-togethers with friends and family. Eating out at restaurants can take up a significant part of your budget if you are not careful. You can help to reduce these costs by choosing to entertain at home. Perhaps you want to alternate hosting with other friends so that everyone pitches in? You will likely find that it is more relaxing to hang with friends and family at home than at a public venue. As an alternative, you may want to choose to spend time with loved ones out in the great outdoors. Taking a picnic to the park or meeting your friends for a hike are both free activities that will save you money and allow you to harness the great weather of the season.

Keep an Eye on Energy Bills

With the mercury soaring, many people are cranking up their home air conditioning systems in an effort to stay cool. It is worth your money to invest in a programmable thermostat so that you can set the air conditioner to kick off when you are not home and cool it down before you arrive back home. Keeping your blinds and curtains closed will also help to keep your home cooler and save money on energy bills. This is also the best time of the year to take your cooking outside. Why heat up the house with your oven when you can use your grill to make meals outside?

You do not need to let financial worries keep you up at night. By following these five tips, you can help your family to save money this summer so that you are in a good financial position going into the new school year this fall.

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