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5 Home Maintenance Tasks Any Dad Can Do

Dads are often put in charge of home maintenance tasks, which often take up a considerable amount of free time. Many homeowners decide to hire outside help to get them done more efficiently, but this option can be expensive and may not be done as well as expected. If you use the right tools and products, you can easily accomplish your own home repair and maintenance chores, for less money and with more satisfactory results.


You can simply a variety of home paintings tasks, making them much less time consuming than they have been in past. Convertible ladders, edging tools, trim tape and disposable tarps and trays make quick work of painting. A number of paint sprayers are now available that will make painting walls, cabinets and other items faster and easier.


Dads can also take home remodeling projects more easily with today’s updated, easy-to-use equipment. Adding another bathroom or turning one large room into two smaller rooms can be accomplished in just a weekend or two. A good construction plan will help you to stay on track with your work. The right tools can help to simplify complex tasks.

An air compressor used with a nail gun can make creating wood frames and attaching drywall a fast and simple process. Of course, you should remember to replace your air compressor oil filter between jobs to prevent dirt, sanding and other contaminants that can damage your equipment.

Plumbing Repairs

Many individuals feel intimidated by plumbing chores, but plumbing systems have not really changed in many years, and they can be easily repaired with the appropriate tools and new products. A rubber flapper that has deteriorated can cause leaking into the toilet bowl and annoying noises, but these can easily be replaced with a flapper that is commonly available at hardware and home improvement stores. You can also replace the chain and adjust the chain to provide better flushing. Leaking pipe connections can be fixed with Teflon tape or joint compound.

Refinishing Wood Floors

Wood floors make a beautiful addition to home interiors but require periodic sanding and refinishing to look their best. You can rent professional-style equipment that makes the task much easier and provides excellent results for your wood flooring. Remember to always use goggles and respirator masks to prevent eye and lung irritation.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your home’s gutter system is critical to maintaining the roof and preventing water damage to construction materials. Periodic cleaning of the gutters can help to prevent problems. A wet-dry vacuum can help to make this task easier. In addition, specialized tools and extenders will allow you to remove debris more efficiently and with less mess. Remote controlled augurs are available that blast through compacted debris in the gutter, for hands-free cleaning.

Homeowners can benefit from a number of products that help to make maintenance easier and safer. The appropriate equipment can allow you to accomplish these tasks much faster, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. Take a look at your local home improvement store or online, and you will find a number of innovative products that make these five projects much simpler than you think.

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