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5 Job Possibilities for Your High Schooler to Explore

High school is the perfect time to develop work ethic outside the classroom. Teenagers at this time are mature enough to take on a variety of jobs in several industries. They should start looking after tenth grade so by their junior year things are in place. Some of these opportunities are for after school programs, retail, food service, customer service, and babysitting. Here are the particulars for each.

After-School Programs

Schools are usually located near each other in clusters, which make this a good option. Students can walk to the location alleviating the transportation issue. In addition, the environment is safe with plenty of adult supervision and feedback. This also segues into a future job opportunity with tutoring. The schedule is weekdays only, which adds to the upside.


Most high school students start in the retail industry. The broad array of categories, via, makes it appealing. From clothing to food, there will be a plethora of schedules. However, limitations should be agreed upon from the onset. As an employee, they will have benefits including a discount for purchases.

Restaurant and Food Service

The food service industry also employs large numbers of high school students. In fact, the popular brands are known for letting them cut their employment teeth with a variety of positions. Cashiers, food preparation, customer service, and building maintenance are examples. The schedules, benefits and potential for advancement offer them a career.

Customer Service

There are companies that foster programs within the customer service industry for juniors and seniors in high school. A variety of office skills are garnered along with a myriad of incentives. Companies like One Touch Direct hire young individuals with the desire to enter this industry. Their varied schedules include weekends and evenings so flexibility is not a problem. The salaries are usually higher than their retail and food service counterparts.


Some teenagers may already be engaged in this type of job. With the right referrals in place, it can be lucrative and flexible. They can decide the days, hours and number of clients to take on. This also gives them a taste of entrepreneurship. For those businesses minded individuals, this could be an ideal scenario. They learn about capitalism with price setting, marketing, and productivity.

These jobs present excellent opportunities to grow in maturity, responsibility, and skill sets. Parents are encouraged to be in the loop in the mentor capacity so things stay on track. There should be rules and guidelines that have consequences to ensure the experience is a fruitful one.

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