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5 Keys to Maximizing Cargo Space in Any Vehicle

With lowering gas prices, many Americans are considering taking road trips in the upcoming warm weather months. However, one of the biggest problems with car trips is having the space to take everything along that is needed. While large SUVs and trucks often have the capacity for most everything you need, you may want to take your smaller car on your road trip to save money or for ease of driving. No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, here are some ways to maximize your cargo space.

Roof Boxes

If you drive a vehicle with a rooftop rack, you have a simple way to connect a roof box or cargo carrier to the top of your car. Even smaller cars without racks can use upper cargo boxes by connecting them through the windows. A hinged roof box can be a great investment. However, a heavy-duty, waterproof duffel bag is another good option.

Back Bumper Storage

If you are concerned about the increased wind resistance from driving with a roof carrier, consider a back bumper cargo basket instead. You will need a trailer hitch attached to your vehicle if you do not have one already, but this can even be done to most cars. You will then be able to add a bicycle rack, a storage bin or even an enclosed metal box.

Trailer Towing

If you have gone to the trouble of installing a hitch, why not pull a trailer behind your SUV or car? Even a car can pull a small trailer, and trailers can be quite cheap. Trailers come with enclosures or with open frames depending on what you plan on hauling. Just make sure that you strap everything down securely before setting off on your trip.

Over-the-Headrest Storage

Inside the car, it can be harder to find new storage spaces if all of the seats are filled with passengers. However, backseat passengers will enjoy the extra storage space they will have with compartment-filled canvas bags that can be slung over the front headrest. These are perfect for holding toys, snacks and crayons for younger passengers.

Under the Seats

One space you may be missing filling on your trip is the space underneath your seats. These short spaces may be small but are great for hiding snacks and drinks and for keeping them out of the sun.

Depending on your budget, you can find imaginative ways to increase your cargo space no matter what vehicle you are driving. Other options to consider include removing a back row of seats, packing in stackable tubs and packing in the backseat floor space if you have children with short enough legs sitting back there. Consider asking for more information at a dealership like Rebel Ford. You might be able to further improve car organization by investing in trunk organizers and cargo carriers for books, snacks, toys and smaller items.

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