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5 Kinds of Law Firms to Consider When Seeking Legal Action

From time to time in your life, you could develop the need to take legal action. There are several reasons why this could be the case for you. Hopefully, you will not have to take any legal action over serious matters, but only through procedures that protect your legal rights.

Below listed for you are five types of law firms that you might need. While there are other reasons you might need legal representation, these are the five most common situations where legal action is required.

1. Real Estate Procedures

In some U.S. states, you are required to have an attorney if you purchase a home. However, this is not the case in most states, and you might think that clears you from needing any legal representation in regards to real estate.

You should get a real estate attorney if you are purchasing a property in a different state, acquiring a bank-owned property, buying a property that’s part of an estate sale, if there are potential structural; issues, or if purchasing commercial property.

2. Personal Injuries

Of course, you hope to not ever have the need for a personal injury lawsuit. But did you know that more than 30 million people are injured every year? Those are injuries that sometimes require medical attention, and surely you do not want to foot the bill if you were not at fault.

You can turn to a personal injury law firm for assistance with all kinds of issues. Some of the most common issues for which you might seek services are medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and workplace accidents.

3. Class Action Suits

Have you ever been part of a class-action suit before? If you are not familiar with them, class action suits are when you join a larger group under legal claims made against a defendant. You have probably seen advertisements for this type of legal action on TV, and through your social media feeds. You can search online for them, too.

There all kinds of class action suits that you might be able to join. Legal action is sometimes available for you in regards to dangerous products, false promises, consumer protections, and data breaches. The amount of money you can receive from these suits varies depending on the total settlement amount and how many people were part of the legal action.

4. Debt-Relief and Bankruptcy

If you are being harassed by billing departments and credit collection companies, you could benefit from seeking legal advice. In some cases, your lawyer can take legal actions to reduce your debts, come up with payment plans, and put an end to the stress and pressure to pay. Those non-stop calls can end for you, too.

When your debt problems warrant you filing for bankruptcy, your attorney can help you choose the right type of bankruptcy to file. Your attorney also will be able to help you with guidance toward rebuilding your credit and financial picture. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the types of bankruptcy that you likely are more familiar with, and did you know that around one million people file bankruptcy each year in the U.S.?

5. Estate Planning

Estate planning is another very common reason you might need legal action, and chances are you will. If you plan to leave behind items for people after your death, then you must have those wishes guaranteed through legal representation.

Cash money, real estate, other personal property, and investments will be able to go to your family and friends upon your passing. Otherwise, your loved will have to deal with the probate court to get those items you wanted them to have. You can also ask your attorney to draw up plans for how you are to be treated should you not have a voice in your medical care.

Yes, you might indeed need legal action from time to time. In some instances, there is no way around it for you. Fortunately, there are various types of attorneys working in all kinds of specialties that meet your needs. And while you might have other legal needs to arise, the five types of legal representation covered above are the most common.

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