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5 Laws Your Kids Should Know

While your child isn’t yet an adult and may not be destined for law school in the future, it is still important for your children to understand some important laws that affect them. This knowledge equips them to be better citizens and protect themselves physically, emotionally and legally. You should make an effort to ensure your children understand the following laws.

1. Personal Injury Laws

It is important for your children to know that they have legal recourse if they are unfairly injured due to negligence or malice on the part of another. This includes injuries that are sustained while at a place of business, at work, a healthcare facility receiving treatment, a friend’s house and anywhere else. These laws give those who have been hurt physically or mentally financial compensation for their medical bills and other financial costs incurred by the injury. If your child has been injured and you think you may have legal recourse, looking into personal injury lawyers may be the appropriate next step. One such company Oaks Law Firm, a group of Riverside lawyers, tells us that, “a personal injury lawyer can help you bring some peace and order back into your life.” Having legal counsel on your side can definitely help.

2. Consent Laws

While the thought of your child having a sexual encounter, consensual or not, is unsettling, it’s important for your child to understand both their rights and the rights of others. This is your first line of defense against your child being sexually assaulted or sexually assaulting others. Your child needs to understand that they must give or receive consent to perform sexual acts and that consent cannot be given under the influence of drugs, alcohol or coercion. They also must be made aware of the age of consent laws and how those may affect their relationships with others. As awkward as this talk may be, you must instill your child with a healthy attitude about sex and knowledge of what is and isn’t acceptable.

3. Laws Regulating Teen Drivers

When teenage drivers get behind the wheel for the first time, there are going to be restrictions, with states changing and strengthening these laws all the time. These laws are set by your state and it is important for both you and your teen to understand them as your teen goes through their journey from learner’s permit to permanent driver’s license. Some states have required hours behind the wheel, restrictions on mobile phone usage while driving, restrictions on who your teen can transport in the car and more. Teens also need to be taught the general rules of the road so they will not put themselves or others in danger while driving.

4. Cyber Laws

Cyber laws protecting privacy and safety are also important for your children to understand as they begin using the Internet regularly. For example, many states have laws in place protecting against cyberbullying, online threats and how your information can be shared. Teaching your child about online safety, their privacy rights and the laws that govern it are important in ensuring your children are able to stand up for their rights and get help when needed. Another important cyber law that kids should know revolves around pirating copyrighted material, which can be tracked and comes with hefty consequences. Encourage your children to consume content legally and, if appropriate, facilitate them doing so.

5. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Laws

The legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption in the United States is 21. Many states are raising the required age to buy tobacco products to 21 as well and states legalizing recreational marijuana also restrict purchase and usage to adults. Understand these laws yourself and do not buy restricted substances for minors unless for a legally exempt reason, such as religious purposes or educational purposes. Note that some states have laws where minors who are drinking cannot be charged if they are requesting medical help for another minor, as this is very important for your child to know as it could save a life. Make your kids aware of these laws as well as the consequences for breaking them. Teach responsibility, the importance of safeguarding their health and how to find fulfillment in life outside of these substances. Being open and reasonable is far more likely to have better results.

Teaching your children about laws that affect them is something every parent should do. This can prevent them from getting in trouble with the law or being seriously injured. Everyone wants what is best for their children and this is one small way you can help achieve that.


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