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5 Reasons Cyber-bullying is Still an Issue

Cyber-bullying has been in the spotlight among schools and organizations, and there has been a tremendous push to bring an end to cyber-bullying. Why, then, does this dark part of our culture persist? Cyber-bullying exists primarily due to these five reasons:

Access to Social Media is Easy

After providing a few basic details, anyone can easily set up a new account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snap Chat. Cyber-bullies can create accounts on multiple social media sites, and they can even create multiple accounts under the same social media platform. This easy access contributes to the proliferation of cyber bullies.

Peer Pressure is Real

The pressure that surrounds our culture today is real, and it is especially strong with pre-teens and teens. Cyber-bullies sometimes cut others down in an attempt to build themselves up. This is sometimes done unwittingly, and it can also be done maliciously. More research and documentation is needed to determine how peer pressure and cyber-bullying affects people. Those interested in pursuing a master of science in health law can make a difference by learning more about the negative impacts of cyber-bullying and how to combat it.

Anonymity is Everything

Some of the most ruthless, hateful cyber-attacks can come from complete strangers. This perception of being anonymous can give bullies the platform and the confidence to lash out at others. The bully doesn’t feel guilty, because he or she does not know the person they are attacking. The victim, however, feels the full brunt of the attack, even though they might not know their attacker.

Difficult to Monitor

Different social media platforms attempt to monitor cyber-bullying, but it is impossible to fully monitor the interactions of each account. There aren’t moderators over each media account, and unfortunately a majority of the interactions go unmonitored.

Witnesses Fail to Act

The most prevalent reason that cyber-bullying persists today is because people do not take action when they are witness to personal attacks. Witnesses may sometimes consider themselves to be anonymous and may therefore consider themselves free of any duty to confront or report the bully. This lack of action is a steady contributor to the ongoing cyber-bullying issue.

When transparent, active social media participants are willing to stand up to cyber-bullies, a decline in cyber-bullying will begin. Reporting misconduct and being involved with friends and families on social media accounts are the best ways to push back against cyber-bullies.

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