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5 Reasons to Go on a Family Vacation to England

A vacation (or, as the British say, “holiday”) abroad in England is the perfect opportunity for a family to enjoy spending time together while they explore a country steeped in history and richly packed with cultural diversity. There is an endless list of places that families should visit while in England, so instead of just focusing on those locations, we’re going to offer up the top five reasons why you should take your family on a vacation to England.

1. Numerous (Free!) Museums

England and museums are pretty much synonymous. Wherever you go in England, you will be able to find at least one museum to tour. Although museums in most other countries around the world charge fees for museum entry, museums throughout the UK are often free to visit. Visitors are encouraged to offer up donations to help fund the museums, and souvenirs can be somewhat expensive. However, adults and children alike can generally enjoy museum tours for free.

2. Easy Access to Public Transportation

If you want to save yourself the hassle of renting a car, the public transportation services in England are worth experiencing. You can catch a train from almost anywhere in England, and some rides can be fairly inexpensive. While the trains can feel a bit crowded during rush hours and bank holidays, tickets can easily be purchased online in advance. There are also rail card options which might be a good idea if you are planning on staying for more than a few weeks, as they tend to lessen the cost of railway travel.

3. Interacting With English People

One of the best reasons for anyone to go to England is to experience cultural diversity by interacting with Brits. England isn’t all doom and gloom, and the people are often quite friendly. Larger cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool are rich with diverse populations, but smaller cities and towns also offer up a good amount of culture. Many Brits are open-minded and willing to help foreigners find their way about. In fact, in the Northwest, there is a saying that goes, “When in doubt, get a Liverpool lad to help you out.”

One of the best places in London to get this kind of interaction is in Covent Garden. There are many things to do in London’s Covent Garden Neighborhood, including dining out at pubs and restaurants and watching street performances. Covent Garden and Theatre Royal on Drury Lane are great sites to see where you can meet some friendly British folks.

4. Football

No, not that type of football. What Americans call “soccer,” Brits (and much of the rest of the world) call “football.” The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most well-known leagues in the world, boasting clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, and 2017’s current #1 team, Chelsea. Taking in a match with the family is enthralling, and there are plenty of football events to attend during the season.

5. History Lessons Galore

Children and adults alike can enjoy learning about England’s vast history while visiting England. Whether you’re taking in the Roman Baths in the beautiful city of Bath or enjoying a production by the Royal Shakespeare Company in William Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, England’s history and culture are present wherever you go. The British are quite knowledgeable and willing to discuss their country’s dark and complex history in a way that is exciting for visitors. Families with ancestral histories linking back to England can spend time learning about their family’s history by sifting through archives meticulously kept by libraries and historical societies throughout England.

Regardless of where you go in England, you can always find activities that are fun for the entire family. No one will think less of you for taking your children with you to lunch or dinner in a pub, and you will almost certainly be a stone’s throw from a train station. The best part is that you won’t have to shell out excess cash on admittance to all the sites you and your family want to see.

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