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5 Safety Tips When Child-Proofing Your New Home

When you move into a new home, you’re looking for several things. You want it to be beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient. You also want it to be safe, and when you have kids sharing the home with you, it takes some extra steps to accomplish that. Here are five things to help get your home child-proofed and ready for young residents.

Avoid Blinds

We’re always trying to control the amount of sunlight that enters the home. It helps us control temperatures and keep everyone’s sleep schedule on track.

However, blinds are a dangerous way to regulate light. Their control strings are a serious strangulation hazard for small kids. Better options include shutters, window tint, and new string-free designs. All of these options provide safe, worry-free light management.

Control Power Cords

There are electrical and electronic devices everywhere in homes these days. The endless cords are a real hazard to children. Kids can pull over lamps, TV’s, and laptops by pulling on their cords, causing serious injury.

Keep these hazards at bay by using plastic wire ties and other cord controls to keep things out of sight and out of hands.

Store Chemicals Safely

We don’t think about how dangerous certain household products are. Floor cleaners, furniture polish, and drain cleaners are potentially deadly when ingested and can cause serious burns to eyes and skin. Include medications of all kinds on this list as well.

Store all these products in the highest possible location. When they’re put in cabinets, use childproof cabinet latches and knob covers to reduce the odds that little ones will be able to get access.

Protect Electrical Outlets

Another very common household accident for children is coming into contact with an exposed electrical outlet. Kids are curious, and many have suffered electrical shocks by putting toys, keys, or their fingers into electrical outlets.

Use plastic plug covers to prevent insertion. Make sure they are pushed all the way into the receptacle so that kids can’t slowly work them out. When possible, arrange furniture to obstruct access to outlets altogether.

Your home should always be a safe haven for everyone, especially your kids. As you move into a new home, it’s easy to focus all your attention on setting up and decorating. During this busy time, don’t neglect safety. Make sure that in the middle of setting up your new place that you take the necessary steps to keep your kids safe.

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