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5 Secrets for Establishing Bedtime Routine Success

Getting small children into a solid bedtime routine is good for them and good for the parent. The kids get the restful sleep they need, and the parent gets a bit of quiet time and solid sleep they deserve. There are a few secrets you can use to establish bedtime routine success.

Give them choices

Even the youngest toddler likes to be able to make choices for themselves. Take the child shopping for pajamas. A few different options gives them a choice as to what to wear each night.

Selecting bedding and blankets is another choice for your child to make. That way, it’s their bed made with the bedding that gives them joy.

Make bedtime story time

Reading to a child builds special memories for you both. Plus, it gives your child a pleasant story to think about as sleep comes. It makes for good dreams and comfortable rest.

Have a selection of favorite books close to the bed. Let the child choose the story and snuggle into bed. Then, lie down and read the story to your child.

Create bath time fun

A good way to relax a child is a warm bath. Make bath time fun with special toys that your child chooses. These toys only come out at bath time and should, of course, be water friendly.

Always check the bath temperature so it’s not too hot or cold. If it isn’t warm enough, you need to get someone out to do a hot water repair or a heat pump installation. It’s hard to get kids excited for baths when they associate it with a cold miserable time.

Play soothing music

Soothing music can help relax your child enough to go to sleep. You can find hundreds of such songs online or buy them in CD format. When you settle down for a bedtime story, turn on the music in the background. You can leave it on as your child goes to sleep.

Have a special friend to sleep with

Most kids like to have a favorite toy or doll to cuddle with at night. If your child doesn’t have such a friend, a trip to the toy store can remedy that. Just be sure it’s not so large as to be a safety hazard.

Building a good bedtime routine can take a few weeks to establish. But, it’s time well spent when your child is getting good rest and you aren’t stressed with a tired toddler who doesn’t want to sleep. You might as well get started today.

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