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5 Secrets to Help De-Clutter and Distress During the Holidays

Don’t let the shopping stampedes on Black Friday fool you; you don’t have to stress out during the holidays. Keeping your home de-cluttered is a good way to reduce the build of holiday stress especially when you’ll be expecting guests to drop over. Besides, you don’t want to decorate in a messy house, right? Put these five secrets to help de-clutter to work today and watch the stress fly away.

1. Focus On One Area At A Time

You don’t have to be a superhero when it comes to clearing out the clutter. No need to race through the home picking up everything all at once. Instead, focus on one area at a time. Start with a hall closet. When that is finished move onto the bedroom closet, etc. This could also be a “one project” per day de-cluttering. By the end of the week, you’ll be living in a clutter free zone!

2. Keep, Trash or Donate

As you pull out items from closets or from under the bed, you’ll want to organize in three distinct piles. One is for those things you can’t live without. The other is for the trash heap. The third would be for those things that will a little life left in them. Just keep repeating: Keep, trash, donate.

3. Laundry Basket Sweep

Take a laundry basket around those “high clutter” zones like the family room or kitchen and toss in everything you deem to be clutter. You can then give your family 24 hours to claim their items or else it’s in the trashcan!

4. Utilize Your Storage

There is a reason why you have storage areas like garden sheds. Those are for keeping all those items you don’t want in your home but still need. First, make sure your garden sheds are clear of anything that is rusty or broken. Then move in the new items for safe keeping. If you need to expand your backyard storage areas then try a shed provider like Sheds Unlimited for some great solutions.

5. Adopt the One, Two Method

With this de-cluttering tip you need to throw out two things for every one thing you bring into the home. For instance, if you buy a new magazine, throw out two old ones. New pair of shoes? Out with two worn out pairs. You can quickly see how this will get you in the habit of tossing out the things you don’t really need. That is the key to good de-cluttering.


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